Walk with hesitating Maya-san

I took Maya-san for walks in the morning and at night.

She is so funny.

Maya-san does not like cold weather. Although the weather is milder now in the middle of March, she hesitates to go out.

In the morning, when I called her name, she raised her head slightly up under her blanket but returned still as if she were asleep and not listening. She pretends. I took her blanket up and took her out.

After dinner, I called her for an evening walk. She stood and simply looked at me. I called her again softly and loudly, but she quietly looked at me, telling me she is not interested. This time, I did not come to her, but kept calling her and waited for her.

At last, she gave up and reluctantly went out for a walk with me.

The way of expressing her feelings without words is funny and interesting.

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