Katya meets new friends by Lake Kawaguchi

Katya is joining a Russian site on dachshunds. Katya has been knowing a couple, dachshund lovers living in Saint Petersburg.  They are programmers visiting a lot of countries during their vacations.

They came to Japan last year after the disaster and liked the country. So they visited Japan again this spring.

This morning, they took trains from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchi to stay one night. Katya went to meet them there in Smart.

After coming back home, I asked Katya how it was.

She said it was much fun.  They went around the lake, went to other two lakes, saw Mt. Fuji, ate Hoto, etc.

Katya gave them strawberries cultivated in Kofu, and they gave her chocolates and candies from Russia.

Katya said these sweats are well known in Russia. The taste was rich.

Katya brought some peach cakes, too, from the Lake Kawaguchi area.


They went good with tea.

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