Muravej’s birthday, 2012

In the morning, Katya and Maya-san kissed my happy birthday.

I took Maya-san out for a morning walk, while Katya prepared breakfast.

Katya bought me a Starbucks’ tumbler with a green-tea macaron. The tumbler should be useful, and we can use them together.

Katya bought cakes yesterday, and we had them for breakfast, too.

Then we went out for a walk together.

On the pathway, a cherry blossom tunnel is made, but unfortunately, the blossoms were almost gone.

It was a pleasant walk, anyway, then it started raining.  We got into Smart and went to a Starbucks coffee house.

I filled up the tumbler for free as Katya did.

We all came back home and rested for a while.

Then Katya and I went to Red Lobster; they had sent me a welcoming postcard.


Katya and I had a birthday dinner.




A dessert was on the house.

A waiter took a picture of us.

After coming back home, Katya and I saw a movie, Frost/Nixon. First, I thought it was going to be a cheap movie, but the actors acted very well, especially, the Nixon guy; I was drawn into the drama.

I thought Nixon should not have called Frost on the phone, because he is not such a weak person. Such a sudden change of pace.

But other than than, I kept being thrilled by the movie.

About Muravej

Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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2 Responses to Muravej’s birthday, 2012

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!
    Actually, I just had birthday too (a couple of days after yours). It must be nice for the weather to be warming up there (before it gets too hot). My birthday however is more synonymous with the beginning of the rain and cold weather here. I think I’d prefer to have a Spring birthday.

    It’s interesting that Starbuck’s still doing well (or well enough) in Japan. They’ve all but disappeared from Australia – with just a few stores in the whole country. The GFC (I suppose you might have a different name for the global financial crisis) certainly has transitioned the corporate face, even here in Australia which has been relatively immune (due to our minerals sales into China).

    It’s been a busy time over here (thankfully I’ve been on my 4 weeks parental leave… which has been great if a little tiring). As such, haven’t been visiting (or doing) blogs that much recently… and what time I’ve been online has been largely spent on Google+. Katya might enjoy this, as it’s very much focussed on photography.

    Anyhow – happy birthday again from Adelaide.

  2. Muravej says:

    Thank you, Ben, and happy birthday to you, too.
    The weather is very nice these days. Katya’s pollen allergy is gone, which is also a good thing. Spring is my favorite season.

    Starbucks is OK here. We already had an (European) coffee-shop culture in Japan; Starbucks is steadily replacing traditional, small, cozy coffee shops on the corner.

    Great that C-chan is healthily growing. I read your posts about T-chan’s parents. They must be missing their daughter and grand kids, so do Katya’s parents.

    Oh, Google+, no I have not started. I will try it after the golden week.
    Katya will not enjoy it. She declared that she would not join any SNS, which would be too much time consuming (or losing).

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