Katya’s return schedules

Vladivostok Air withdrew from Japan at the end of March,  and Aeroflot took its part. However, Aeroflot did not succeed the route from Narita to Vladivostok.

How is Katya going to be back to Vladivostok?

I called to Delta today with a hope to use my miles for Aeroflot flights. They found one route using only 25,000 miles: Narita – Moscow – Vladivostok!  Unfortunately, the flight is too long for Katya, who has only a two-week break.

Korean Air is a choice. But she needs to stay one night in Seoul. Besides, seats are already limited by the Japanese visitors to Korea during the summer vacation.  Also, they will not let us use miles during the hot season.

I found S7 Airlines, or Siberian Airlines, who joined Oneworld in 2010. I called to American Airlines to find out that they do not accept miles for the flight.

Katya and I found the website of S7 Airlines and tried to pay with a credit card issued in Japan, which was eventually not accepted. So we only made a reservation and will pay later by cash.

Anyway, Katya leaves at the end of July for Vladivostok and comes back in the middle of August.

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