Sunday lunch at “Ryu” in Koshu city

On Friday, two  tickets arrived from Srarbucks coffee Japan, of which I am a stock holder. They have been sending me the complementary tickets once a year, which can be used for any drink served there.

After taking Maya-san out for a walk, it started raining. Katya and I went to Starbucks for breakfast.

Katya ordered milk chai and I caramel macchiato.

After breakfast, Katya and I came back to take a rest for a while, and went our again leaving Maya-san home.

First we went to Kojima electric shop to buy some batteries.

One is used for a cordless phone handset, two for my camera and the smallest two for my electric masseur.

They we drove to a French restaurant, “Ryu“, in Koshu city, which an adult student of Katya recommended.


The restaurant was in a Japanese-style house. We took ours shoes off and were directed to the dining room.

We were seated by the window. A small Japanese garden was seen.

They only serve courses for lunch. We took the cheaper ones with glasses of wine.


They served a salad, soup, the main dish (ground pork wrapped with beef), desert and coffee. I forgot to take a picture of the main dish. The taste was not as dense as I expected, but delicate.


I would not say the foods were close to genuine French dishes. However, the restaurant people tried their best to serve a 1,200-yen course. The atmosphere, as well as service included, the course should be valued more.

Even though, there were some points to be mentioned.

  1. Not enough space for tables.
  2. No napkins.
  3. Knives were not sharpened enough.

Katya gives 4 out of 5, but I give 3.5.  With dull knives being served, I cannot give 4 points.

However, for the price, the foods and the atmosphere were very good. We will try to visit the restaurant again.

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