First day in Toba on Saturday, July 14, 2012

After breakfast, we told Maya-san that she would not come with us but stay with my parents. Maya-san understood as usual, felt lonely as usual, and did not come to see us off as usual. Katya and I left Shimosuwa for Toba after 10 AM.

Katya drove first. Japan is suffering from heavy rains these days, but fortunately, it did not rain on the way to Toba.

We stopped by “Byoubuzan” Parking Area and I started driving after Katya.

We next took a rest at “Oyamada” Parking Area.

Near Yokkaichi, we were caught by a traffic jam for eight kilometers. Other than that, the traffic went smooth.

We arrived at XIV Toba Annex at 3:30 PM. XIV Toba is the first among XIV hotels.

Our two-bed room is on the 16th floor. The room is old fashioned, but wide, clean, and comfortable.


We enjoyed a pleasant view of  the sea from the window.

After taking a rest in the room, we walked to a Chinese restaurant “Suiyo” for dinner in the main building. We sat at the counter. There was a fish pool in front of us.

The dinner was good.




We walked back to the annex.


Katya and I visited a bar, “Etude” for a drink. The bar was old fashioned but cozy.


A man coming into the bar started singing with a Karaoke screen. He sang well. However, I did not like the idea of listening  to somebody in the bar; after a drink, we left the bar.

I called to Shimosuwa to say hello to my parents. Mom said she was doing OK with the lap of Dad who loves Maya-san.

In the hotel  room, we watched a special program featuring Usain Bolt on TV. I was thinking he has the most perfect body, but in fact, his back is bent because of his disease.  We were impressed by his efforts and dedications.

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