Buffet Lunch, Shosenkyo Walk, and Noah Vet Clinic on Sunday

For lunch, we decided to try a buffet in Kofu Fujiya Hotel.

Katya and I, together and separately, had gone to have a Chinese buffet before, which was satisfactory. The Chinese buffet was ended, and the buffet changed into a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Western.

The buffet was held at “Vent Vert“.

We arrived at 11:50 AM. It was so crowded inside. We were directed to a private room.


The room was assigned to us not because we are VIPs but there was no room left. The place was far from the buffet tables.

The foods were not the first class but acceptable. However, the atmosphere was bad; too many people walking and crowding around the tables, and the foods themselves were not served quickly.

Katya found that there was a party by the restaurant, and people might be busy with it, too.

At 12:40 PM, most of the people were gone and the restaurant suddenly got empty. It had become a private buffet.


We should have come at 1 PM.

We were not satisfied with the restaurant, and we would not come again.

At 3 PM, Katya drove Maya-san and me to Shosenkyo to enjoy cooler weather. Yes, it was pleasant.



It was cloudy but not humid. We enjoyed an hour walk.

Many big rocks in the river are named. I pictured only a several of them. Do they look so?

Frog  (face, looking at us)

Seal (his back is shown)

Mushroom rock (lying down long)

Clam (mouth in front)

globefish (looking right)

I found the naming interesting with many ocean livings, whereas there is no sea by Yamanashi prefecture.

After the walk, we took Maya-san to Noar Veterinary Clinic.

Maya-san got her back operation there three years ago.


Maya-san was a good girl when she got a mixed-vaccine injection. While she received a laser treatment on her back in a treatment room, she kept barking at cats, the enemy.

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