Run for Upgrade!

I woke up 4:30 AM.

The bus to Incheon International Airport left the hotel at 5:30 AM. I arrived at the airport at 6:40 AM.

I checked in using an automated check-in machine, then I went to Seven-Eleven on the first floor to buy candies to the office workers and my students of the institute.

I went through the immigration, and then looked around shops in the airpot to look for souvenirs for Katya.

Before the departure, I spent my time in a Sky Team lounge, taking a light breakfast.

Then I got on a Delta plane for Honolulu bound for Narita.

I took a seat, half asleep. A male passenger came to me with a boarding pass with the same seat number. Cabin attendants came, took my boarding pass, talked with walkie-talkies, and took me out from the plane.  I was out alone.

Double-booking! They chose me out instead of the guy probably because his destination was Honolulu, while mine was Narita.

“Very sorry. It was our mistake. We arranged a business-class seat of  KAL for you. It leaves in 30 min.”

It was not a bad situation, I thought at that moment. I might be able to have some rest on a better seat.

I thought I would directly go to another gate for the departure, but it was wrong. A lady suddenly started running up the stairs.

“Are we running?” She looked back at me and nodded. I had a suitcase with no wheels and a backpack with me, so it was not a pleasant idea running. But I thought it was only to the different gate. Wrong!

I do not know exactly why we had to do, but the lady and I went through the security areas twice. We went to an immigration office once, where bureaucratic documentations were proceeded. On the way, the lady grabbed a cart, put her and my bags, and started pushing it and running much faster.  ”This way, we can go faster!!”

We had to take a tram once. I think it saved her life from a heart attack.

Thanks very much to her, I was able to get on a plane to Narita.

The seat was of a shell-type, even for a very short flight between Incheon and Narita.

I got sweated. It was better taking an economy-class seat directly to Narita without running around. But the seat was,  yes, fine. I was able to sleep for 20 minutes.

The plane arrived at Narita at 2:30 PM. I took a bus to Kofu leaving at 2:55 PM. I did not, therefore, loose time by taking a different plane.

I saw Katya and Maya-san at 6:20 PM. At home, Katya served very good borsch.

I gave Katya a neckless. I spread candies on the carpet.

I felt my back tired because of the running with my suitcase.

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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