Sun Meadows in summer and Busiest Tokube

After breakfast, we went to “Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort.” In summer, the slope is good for walking. There are two lifts taking us up, too.


After the arrival, we first visited a small lake near by. Sometimes, people learn canoeing on the lake, but today there was nobody. Maya-san took a bath in to cool her down.


We walked along the side way and went up the slope.


Then we walked down and took a lift up again.


Maya-san was with Katya on the lift. She was not afraid of the ride.

Views of the city down from the hill and up the mountain.


We rode down the lift and took the other lift to enjoy the view.

The temperature was only 24 degree C with smooth breezes. Very pleasant.

After the hiking, we came back home. Katya and I let Maya-san keep home and went to a sushi restaurant, Nigiri no Tokube.

It was the last day of the bon vacation as well as a Tokube day. Inside of the restaurant was so crowded.

It took us 20 minutes before we were seated. Orders were sometimes lost and we felt rushed. People worked very hard, but the demands were more than they could properly handle.

This happens only a couple times a year, so we accepted it.

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