Mariya crawls

Mariya is getting good at crawling. Katya showed her on skype to her parents using iPhone.

Mariya crawls  Mariya crawls

She came and bit the string attached to my camera.

Mariya bites a string

She likes strings and cords these days.

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Submitting a report and making an instrument

Yesterday, after the seminar, I received a response from the governmental office telling me that they are not allowed to download files from free storage sites. It is reasonable, so I made the file separated into three and sent them by e-mail first.

An officer said the report was fine, so I print it out, signed on it, and sent it by mail.

A researcher came from Shimadzu. We worked on our instrument under development.

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Seminar and meeting in Tokyo

I continued copying and pasting.

At 2 AM, a mail arrived from a Mexican friend working for a French university; he invited me to the defense of his Chinese  PhD student, and the date of defense was decided on September 18th. So I will visit France in September.

I finished the report at 4 AM. I uploaded the file to a free storage site and sent the url to the governmental institute asking to download it to check.

I came back home, took Maya-san for a morning walk, and left for Tokyo for a seminar of a graphic software I am using.

I slept in the train.

I got off at Hamamatsu-cho and walked by Zojo-ji Temple.

Zojo-ji, Shiba

I arrived at Mielparque Tokyo at 10 AM, just in time of the seminar.

Mielparque Tokyo

There were three students of mine. In the morning, I did not sleep.

I bought students lunch at Kobe Rampu-tei.

Kobe Lamp-tei

I got sleepy and slept in Starbucks.

Cafe Latte, Starbucks

Then I slept in the seminar.

After the seminar, I went to a real-estate managing company in Honan-cho to talk about an annual meeting for the owners of the apartment in Nakaochiai. I stayed there for an hour for the discussion.

Then I took a train back to Kofu, in which I slept.

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Stay in the office for a report

I had two classes to teach today. I like the classes and students seem to understand me.

I then started preparing a report of my project in the academic year 2012 (meaning from April 2012 to March 2013).  It was not too difficult because I just copy and paste and adjust lines and change fonts and copy and paste and adjust pictures, and so on.

I came back to the apartment at 7 PM for dinner and Mariya’s bathing. Then I took a nap.

I came back to my office and am copying and pasting and adjusting.


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Mariya’s Passport

In the morning, I took the Chinese roast pork out from the pot. They seemed to be well done.

Chinese roast pork

For Mariya’s passport, I went to the city hall in the evening.

Kofu city hall  Kofu City Hall inside

The building was fully renewed this year. I received Mariya’s resident proof.

After the city hall, I went to the prefecture passport center.

Yamanashi Passport Center

The office was closing, so I only received the application forms.

I went to a DIY shop, D2, to change the battery of my watch, but they only accept watches they have sold.

D2 in Kofu

So I drove to “Yamako Department Store” in front of Kofu Station.

Yamako Department Store

On the first floor, there was a small watch shop, so I had the battery of the watch changed. It cost 1,050 yen, a bit expensive, but my watch works properly now.

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Resort Outlets Yatsugatake

All of us went to “Resort Outlet Yatsugatake“. It was cloudy today, and there were not so many people.

Resort Outlets Yatsugatake  Resort Outlets Yatsugatake

Maya-san had some fun in the dog run.

Maya-san in a dog run

Then we had lunch at an Italian restaurant “Lo Scoiattolo“. Dishes were good as usual for the price.

salad and appetizer  Pasta, Lo Scoiattolo  Pasta, Lo Scoiattolo  dolci, Lo Scoitattolo

Mariya and Maya-san were waiting by us.

Mariya in Yatsugatake  Maya-san in Yatsugatake

I had a slight cold and my eye hurt because of a lens, so I stayed in the car with Maya-san while Katya was shopping with Mariya.

It started raining. Katya drove us home.

Katya driving in Smart

For dinner, I cooked Szechuan Sesame Hot Noodles. After dinner, I started cooking Chinese roast pork using a pressure cooker.

A pressure cooker

The pork will be ready tomorrow.

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Meeting at Tokyo University of Science at Kagurazaka

I went to Tokyo University of Science at Kagurazaka for two meetings, an awards ceremony, a lecture, and a party of a scientific society I am joining.

Kagurazaka Campus, TUS  Swimming pool in Nakadate Sports Center

I went up to the 17th floor.

I am an official of the society. I had recommended a professor for the society prize, which he received. So I went to see him awarded and giving a lecture.

After his lecture, there was a small party.

A society party

I congratulated him on his award. He was happy.

After coming back to Kofu, I saw booths of wineries in front of the station.  Many people were enjoying wines and foods.

GEDC0309  People drinking wine in front of Kofu Station

Tasting would have been fun if I had not drunk at the party.

Winery booth

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Baby Swim Class

Katya and I took Mariya to “Nakadate Sports Center” in Kofu. The center  has an 86-year old history.

Nakadate Swimming School

Katya went to check the swimming pool last week for Mariya’s swimming lessons.

Katya and Mariya went into the pool, while I watched them from the second floor.

Swimming pool in Nakadate Sports Center

The water in the pool is GREEN because it is natural hot water from 300-m depth. The green color is that of chlorophyll.

Actually, I did not see them well and got bored after 10 minutes. Katya said Mariya enjoyed the class. An instructor told me the same. Probably, Katya and Mariya will join the class from June.

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iPhone returns

In the morning, Katya sent me a mail, telling that the iPhone is already delivered to me.

After coming back home, I opened the box.

iPhone5 returned

There was a note inside the box; my iPhone was renewed. It cost only 4,400 yen because I was enrolled in the AppleCare Protection Plan. I was not very glad to get a new one because I like using machines for a long time, as I tried to do for my Nikon camera.

After a meal, Mariya sits on her own chair. I am glad she doesn’t mind keeping herself on it.

Mariya on her chair

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Mets Cola: Cola for Specified Health Uses

Katya and I opened up a  bottle of “Kirin Mets Cola“. Katya often buys this cola for me.

KIRIN Mets Cola

This cola is approved by the government as a “Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)”.

FOSHU refers to foods containing ingredient with functions for health and officially approved to claim its physiological effects on the human body (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).

This cola contains some dexitrins to control the the absorption of fat. Pepsi followed to sell “Pepsi Special“.

For cola, I like Coke the best, but drinking those “healthy colas” makes me feel as if I were a healthy person.

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