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Experiments continued

From the early morning, I have been carrying out experiments with a student of mine and a researcher from Panasonic. By our side, a professor from Keio University was doing his with my colleague. When I had time, I was writing a paper, too. Students came to me once in a while to ask me how to submit their abstracts and register themselves with the conference (actually, the registration procedure was very complicated). I got so tired after these three day. When I came home, Katya started talking with her parents on Skype. Mariya was on a new  foam-plastic matress we bought at Babies “R” Us in Odaiba.    Katya … Continue reading

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Working with Shimadzu and Panasonic

From yesterday, I have been working with Shimadzu and Panasonic researchers in my lab. Pretty tiring because  I have little time to rest. Shimadzu researchers left this evening, but Panasonic researchers stay until tomorrow. Tomorrow, a professor from Keio University arrives to carry out another experiments. I was pretty exhausted when I arrived home. Katya made a lot of spaghetti, and I finished it all.    

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Business trip to Yokohama and Tokyo

In the morning, I went to Myorenji in Yokohama to check the apartment building. The building was well taken care of. I had a talk with a guy from the managing company about the care in the future. I was to see a professor in Keio University in Hiyoshi. Before the meeting, I went to Motosumiyoshi, where I had lived for two years. It is an old town. The road was neatly changed, but the streets and stores looked still old. After having lunch in Motosumiyoshi, I went to the laboratory in Keio Univeristy to discuss my project with a professor until 2 PM. Then I took trains to Honancho to … Continue reading

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Lecture at Keio University

I was asked to give a lecture at Keio University for graduate students. Before going to the university, I dropped by Bic Camera in Shibuya. I looked for a cheap camera only for my blog (Katya has a good one for herself). The cheapest I found was a GE one. GE products are actually hardly seen in Japan, I did not know that GE produces digital camera. So I bought the cheapest C1433. After I get of Bic Camera, I took the first picture, a pictute of the shop. I think it is OK for the cheap camera. Then I took Toyoko Like to Hiyoshi. I walked to the faculty … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Yokohama

It was rainy in the morning. I took a bus leaving at 7 PM, first to Shinjuku, Tokyo. On Chuo Highway, there was a traffic jam, which made a ride one hour longer. Although I left home earlier than usual, I was a bit anxious. From Shinjuku, I took trains to Myorenji, Yokohama to check an apartment, a studio of which I bought in 2007. Myorenji is the name of a temple in Yokohama. It is just by the train station with the same name. I walked to the apartment of my studio. It took 10 min from Myorenji station. I met a man from the managing company, who explained … Continue reading

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