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Shopping on Labor Thanksgiving Day

It was a national holiday today. In the morning, we had coffee we bought at Coffee Tonya. I grounded the beans. I had the beans roasted in the Italian manner, by mistake, instead of French, so the coffee was stronger than we normally have. But the beans were good and coffee was tasty with milk. Katya and I went out shopping without Maya-san, who hopefully enjoyed a nap. First we went to Sports DEPO.    We asked to change the strings of our rackets. Then we walked to a 100-yen shop, Daiso. Katya bought some goods for magic tricks to show at her English lessons to kids. Then we drove … Continue reading

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Chinese food and Aquarium

Katya is planning an aquarium. A fish tank arrived this morning.  Katya received it, while I was out working in my office. She put water in to see there was no leakage. No leakage at all. We had dinner together at Manpuku Roh Chinese restaurant. Katya ordered a set of spicy bean curd. I had a bowl of Tiawan ramen, which Katya had had last time.  They were good and spicy. I sweat a lot. We walked home. Then at home, I constructed the mechanical parts, and Katya and I filled up the tank with water. Katya switched on. The motor made noise, but the water was not pumped up. I … Continue reading

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Natalia left

We woke up at 7:30 AM. We took breakfast together. Then all of us, including Maya-san, went to Kofu station. Natalia gave me a hug and rode on the bus with Katya.  Then the bus left Kofu. Katya took care of Natalia in Narita Airport.  They had lunch, and Natalia left Japan for Vladivostok. While they were at the airport, I was working in the office with Maya-san. Katya came back home at 6:15 PM. She was tired. Katya called to Vladivostok to find that Natalia had safely arrived home. Good. Katya and I went out walking to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh,  on the Takeda street. Katya had ramen … Continue reading

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