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Tiring Sunday by cleaning up around the apartments

I normally wake up late on Sunday mornings, but today, before 7 AM as usual, because there was scheduled a clean-up around the apartments by the residents themselves; there are a lot of these occasions in Japan. The cleaning started at 8 AM. We cleaned the ditch and took off weeds. We made up piles of bags filled with weeds. I took a shower again. For lunch, we walked down Takeda Street. We arrived at a Nepali restaurant, “New Mahal“, where Katya took a ladies’ set and I a lunch buffet.    Mariya was a good girl as usual. I wish that the buffet curries were more spicy. After coming … Continue reading

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May 6, 2013: Holiday in lieu

Yesterday, it was Sunday and Children’s Day; therefore, today is a holiday in lieu. While Katya did chores around the house in the morning, I took Mariya to Takeda Shrine. It is only a fifteen-minute walk from our apartment. We walked up Takeda Street. We passed across the bridge over the moat around the shrine. We went up the stone steps to pass the outer entrance. A pair of stone dogs guard the shrine at the entrance.    We proceeded to the inner entrance. On the left was a well for purifying hands (you can drink water, too). We arrived at the inner gate to the front shrine. People were praying. … Continue reading

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Night walk with Maya-san on Takeda Street

The evenings are very pleasant these days. It is very unusual in summer in Kofu. I took Maya-san out for an evening walk on Takeda Street.    The breeze was soft and comfortable. It is especially good for Katya, who hates heat.

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Cherry Blossoms and House. M.D. Season 6

After a late taco lunch, Katya and I took Maya-san to Midorigaoka Sports Park. On Takeda street, cherry blossoms were in full bloom. In Midorigaoka Sports Park, the blossoms were beautiful, too.    In the evening, Katya and I unintentionally watched House M.D., which started this spring in Japan. We once lost our interest when less attractive actors joined the team. Then House himself became losing his controls in perceiving the reality. Season 6 started with House in a psychiatric hospital. He was acting in his selfish ways as usual, and we thought it would be boring. However, House became accepting his weakness and agreed to accept the treatments. We got attracted by the drama. … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Cherry blossoms on Takeda street were not in bloom yesterday. They survived, thus,  against the hard wind. Today, it was very shiny, and the buds started to be open. These days, I normally take Maya-san out for the evening walk because of Katya’s pollen allergy. I took pictures of the evening blossoms.    By the way, the nose drops are working on Katya.

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January 4th: First working day of the year; the coldest day of the winter

In the morning, I went to my office and checked e-mails; I was glad that there were only nine of them. Then I started some office works of the year. For lunch, I went back home. On Takeda streets, there were still many cars driving up to Takeda shrine. It was cold and windy. The coldest day of the winter has arrived. Katya and I were planning to play tennis in the evening, but decided not to because of the cold and strong wind. It seems that winter has finally come.

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Holidays started

Workdays are over. I was, however,  finishing a small scientific paper till 4 PM at home. I had submitted it online. Katya and I were planning to play tennis today, but found out the courts are closed during the New Year holidays. So we went out for a walk with Maya-san around Ryugaike Lake.    After the walk, we drove to “Fish Land Ishihara“. We bought two flying foxes. Katya dropped me off at a barber shop. I had my hair cut (too) short. I walked back home. On the way, I dropped by Avalon, a cake shop, to buy some cake. Katya and I had the cake for dinner. Katya was … Continue reading

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Natalia left

We woke up at 7:30 AM. We took breakfast together. Then all of us, including Maya-san, went to Kofu station. Natalia gave me a hug and rode on the bus with Katya.  Then the bus left Kofu. Katya took care of Natalia in Narita Airport.  They had lunch, and Natalia left Japan for Vladivostok. While they were at the airport, I was working in the office with Maya-san. Katya came back home at 6:15 PM. She was tired. Katya called to Vladivostok to find that Natalia had safely arrived home. Good. Katya and I went out walking to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh,  on the Takeda street. Katya had ramen … Continue reading

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Macarons and Chinese Restaurant

Katya and I had a quick lunch together at Starbucks. I found a pack of two small macarons. I will check the taste of macarons in France next time. For diner, we went to a Chinese restaurant, Mampuku Roh, on Takeda street. It is close to the university. Katya had never been there. The prices are reasonable and students like to go to there.    The tastes acceptable. We would go there sometimes.

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Cherry blossoms and Welcome party

Cherry trees are planted on Takeda Dori street, which leads to Takeda Shrine.  In the morning, I took pictures. Katya took one in the afternoon. She took another one in Midorigaoka Sports Park. In the evening, we had a welcome party for the newcomers to the institute.  More than 100 people got together.

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