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First Tokube of the year 2012

Katya and I went to Nigirino Tokube for the first time this year. We used a 10%-discount coupon that they gave us at the end of the year 2011. After the dinner, we went to TSUTAYA to return and rent DVDs. On the second day of the new year, they gave us a free coupon for two CDs. Today, we chose a set of three CDs for classic music and another set for Jazz. We bought 20 packs of CD-R, too.    When we tried to copy the CDs, we found out that the CD recorder we have at home does not open to accept a CD; it is broken. … Continue reading

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Total Lunar Eclipse

It was a beautiful day. From Kofu city, Mt. Fuji was clearly seen. For dinner, Katya and I went to Tokube. Extra wasabi, or horse radish, is something we do not miss.   I had a crab miso soup, too. Yellowtails are good in winter. We were expecting a lunar eclipse starting at 9:45 PM. It would be a total eclipse after 11 years. I had a slight cold and left Katya take pictures. She was taking these photos continuously.       It was mysterious. The hide of the moon should continue for 50 min, but we came in to our apartment to avoid the coldness. I had a hot … Continue reading

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Rainy Tokyo and Tokube Day on Satureday

In the morning, it was rainy. I walked to my office instead of riding a bike. There was a students presentation.  Then, a meeting of the professors was held. In the afternoon, I took trains to Tokyo. There would be two managing meetings for my two apartments in Nakaochiai and Myorenji. I am representative of the owners of the two apartments. I moved from one meeting to the other. The rain and wind was hard, and I wet. My umbrella was almost broken. I arrived at the Kofu station at 7:30 PM. The rain has stopped. Katya was waiting for me, but not Maya-san; we were scheduled to dine out … Continue reading

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Autumn Equinox Day on Hatsushima Island

We stayed one night at my parents’ in Shimosuwa. Today is Autumn Equinox Day, a national holiday. We had breakfast at my parents’. Maya-san stayed in Shimosuwa, and Katya and I drove to Atami.  It was a bit cloudy. On the way from Tokyo to Yamanashi, on the opposite way from ours, there was a traffic jam.  People in Tokyo have difficulties driving out. As was last time, we had sushi lunch at Nigiri no Tokube in Gotemba.    We then drove to Atami to leave the car.    Leaves of a palm tree were faded: fall has come. We took a boat to Hatsushima Island.    We arrived at Grand … Continue reading

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Busy Respect-for-the-Aged Day

Today was a holiday. Katya’s mother, Natalia, is coming to Japan in October. We went to buy a set of futons for her at Nitori.  We bought a pan, too. Then we went to Super Autobacs and changed the tires of our Smart. I was sitting by the window, watching how the tires were changed. Then we went home with futons. In Japan, TV broadcasts have been completely digitalized since July 25.  I have not enabled our TV set to receive digital signals (we are watching Internet programs), so today, I installed the adapter. The first program watched was Sumo, because it was broadcast on Channel 1. Today’s Tokube Day. … Continue reading

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Peaches and Sushis

It was rainy all day because of the typhoon. I am glad it arrived after our trip. An office worker gave us peaches again. In the evening, we went to Nigiri no Tokube, because today is the 19th, the Tokube day. We had only some sushis after the feasts on Hatsushima.

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From Shimosuwa to Hatsushima Island

My parents will take care of Maya-san for two nights. Katya and I left Shimosuwa, heading for  Atami. On the way, we had lunch at Nigiri no Tokube, Gotemba.    After lunch, we drove to Atami, which they call “Monaco in Asia”.    We left Smart in a parking lot and walked to Atami Harbor.    We took a boat “Isle de Vacances III” to Hatsushima Island after she had returned from the island.    It was a trip less than half an hour.        From Hatsushima Harbor, a bus took us to XIV Hatsushima Hotel.    In the evening, we left the hotel and walked to Porto, an Italian restaurant. … Continue reading

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Another Hot Day, Yanase, Cell Phone, Tokube, Fireflies

I called to Yanase. They told us that Katya can use a latest model of Smart from July 5, so our SmartForFour will be finally checked and inspected. After lunch, Katya and I went to an au shop at Yumura.  The temperature was 34 degree C.  It was another hot day. Katya’s cell phone will not function from July 22 because of a technical modification of the radio mode, so she has to change her cell phone to a new one.  With a catalog, she had already chosen one at home. That one she chose was not in shop, so she will wait for it till July 2.  The battery … Continue reading

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Takeout from Tokube on Saturday

I worked till 7 PM. For dinner, I went by mini to Tokube for a takeout.  Normally, eating sushi is the best right after they are made, but Maya-san’s left hind leg became weak these days, and we decided not to leave her alone. Tokube was full of people on a Saturday evening. It took only 15 minutes for the takeout.  They gave me 10%-discount coupons valid for two months.  We will use them. It is also fun and relaxing to have sushi with Maya-san.

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Tokube Day and Tuna Day and Free Restaurant Tickets

So today is Tokube Day and Tuna Day.  Naturally, Katya and I went to Nigiri no Tokube. Katya worked till 8:30 PM.  I came back home earlier and played with Maya-san. It is interesting that when one of us, Katya or I,  returns home, Maya-san does not much welcome the person.  When the second one arrives, Maya-san got furious like anything. Katya arrived at 8:45 PM.  We went to Tokube. For tuna, Katya likes oily part (back), and I prefer brawn (front). We got full. Tokube is good because every worker knows us.  There is a warm, comfortable atmosphere.  Since I use free restaurant tickets delivered to stockholders, which I … Continue reading

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