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Two lectures today; one of them finished

Today is Tuesday, when I have two lectures to teach. The first one is for graduate students starting at 9 AM. This class is shared by three professors including me. I finished my last 7th tern, so I will not teach this class from next week. In the afternoon, I am instructing undergraduate students in practical electronics. This class is not exciting, but students are steadily learning. Anyway, Tuesdays will be easier.

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Chinese student works with me

Two lectures on Tuesday as usual. When I was about to leave after the first class, a Malaysian girl student came to ask a question of me. After the explanation, I asked her how much she understands my lecture. “30%”. Gee, I was disappointed! Of course, I expected a little more than that. I hope it should not be because of my English, or, should I wish so? Anyway, I have some more chances of recovery. After the lab tour in the afternoon, the Chinese student liked my research. So he will work with me during his stay. I hope he will enjoy this opportunity more than 30%.

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Teaching in English

I have two classes to teach on Tuesday. The first lecture starting from 9 AM is for graduate students, fifty in number. There are a few students from Asian countries, like China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. One student is from Nepal, who entered the university this April and does not understand Japanese at all. Therefore, this year, I am teaching the class in Japanese and English. I prepared documents both in Japanese and English. I normally write on a board in English, adding some Japanese technical terms. I speak 80% in Japanese and 20% in English. ¬†Quizzes in English. I did not know whether this plan would work, but so far … Continue reading

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Classes on Tuesday

There are about 50 students taking my first lecture on Tuesday. The lecture room was too small and it was changed to a new one. Unfortunately, the lamp of the projector was dead, and everybody had to move back to the old lecture room. The first class started after 9 AM and ended at 10:30 AM. Then, there was a scientific meeting from 10:40 AM to 12:30 PM. The afternoon class was held from 1 PM to 2:30 PM. It is a class for electronic practice, so I do not teach continuously; instead, I have to prepare all the materials. I had half-an-hour discussion with my students from 3 PM. … Continue reading

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