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Still a hot October day

Today is October 2, but was still humid and hot. The highest temperature reached 28 degree C. In the university, air conditioners were not allowed to be used any more in order to save the energy, so I fully opened up the windows. I sweated in the office while working in front of the computer. I finished up another paper today. I am working hard before going to Hawaii.

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Second house of my parents in Shimosuwa

It has been hot in Kofu. Katya and I (and possibly Maya-san) need some moderate weather. My parents happened to buy a small house in their town Shimosuwa from my aunt living in Tokyo; her husband passed away, and the family does not use their villa anymore. My parents reformed it and let us stay this weekend. After my Saturday job, we left our apartment at 5:30 PM. On the way to my parents’, we took a walk with Maya-san. We arrived at my parents’ at 7:30 PM. After dinner, Mom led us to the house by car. The house was built 40 years ago, but it was clean with … Continue reading

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Hot days continue in Kofu

I miss the rainy season. Kofu is one of the hottest places in Japan. Air conditioner is essential now. It has become a difficult time of the year especially for Katya, who is leaving for Vladivostok on July 31; she still needs to wait. Summer is hard for Maya-san the dachshund, too, who needs to walk close to the hot, paved street. My parents living in Shimosuwa have bought a second house by the river. We will try to stay there.

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No rain in the rainy season

There was (probably) no rain in Kofu (I am not 100% sure because I stay mainly inside). It was not sunny but humid and hot, so I used an air conditioner in my office. Katya and I are planning to visit Toba in Mie prefecture from July 14 to 16. I hope the weather is OK then. The weather forecast tells that it will be cloudy, but fortunately, with no rain. We are planning to go on the beach. If we cannot swim, we want to walk by.

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Rainy season continues

During the daytime, the temperature got higher than 30 degree C. Katya in the apartment and me in the office used air conditioners in the afternoon. In the evening, we had a heavy rain; the rainy season has not yet been ended. It became very pleasant at night again. It has been a cool summer so far. Hot summer always suffers Katya, so I feel good about the summer this year. Katya is coming back to Vladivostok in August.  It will be a paradise there.

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Cleaning air conditioners

I normally work on Saturdays. I came back for lunch. After lunch, I cleaned the air conditioners of our apartment. First, I took off filters. I washed them in the bathroom, and kept them being dried. Then I used the cleaning sprays Katya had bought the other day. I sprayed the mist inside the air conditioners to have the dirt dissorved out. I came back home for dinner. I put the filters in. Now the air conditioners are ready. They are not plugged in yet. We will go with the electric fans until it gets very hot.

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Saving energy this summer

It was raining in the early morning, but it stopped. In the evening, I was able to play tennis in Kose Sports Park. There were two men and three women in the class. Being in the rainy season, the air was very humid. It is a cool summer so far. We have not used an air conditioner yet. When it gets a bit warm, we use electric fans. Katya bought bottles of air-conditioner cleaners. The cleaner will not only clean the air out, but will save the energy.

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