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Chocolates again and Farewell Party #2

A bachelor student of mine, who traveled in Australia, came back and brought me a box of chocolates for a souvenir. He seemed to have enjoyed his graduation trip. This evening, another research group I am involved in invited me to a graduation party at Domadoma near Kofu Station. There were about 20 students.    The party started at 7:30 PM, and I left it at 8:40 PM. The graduation is scheduled on March 22. New students are coming from April.

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Work after the business trip, Students abroad

After the business trips, I always become busy because of the jobs not having been finished during the trip. Today, therefore, I was busy again. The student who is graduating with his master’s degree is now in Italy. The one who is getting his bachelor’s and who went to Kyoto together with me has left for Australia. These are the last trips before the graduation. I hope they are having a good time.

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