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Mariya born at 15:45 on Monday, October 15

I took Maya-san for a walk early in the morning and went to the hospital to see Katya. I arrived at 8 PM. Katya was already having labor-pains.  I was with her all the time in the room. The baby was born at 15:45. Right after feeling the world, she started crying loud. I was relieved. Katya, too. The baby weighs 3,522 g. It was a big girl. We named her Mariya. Mariya was cleaned and brought on the Katya’s chest. I left them at 5:30 PM. At home, I told Maya-san that she has a little sister now.

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Katya hospitalized for the birth

In the afternoon, Katya and I went to Nagasaka Clinic for having a baby. I left the hospital at 6 PM. I took a day off tomorrow.

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