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Blog restarted: Business trip to Tokyo and Mariya six months old

I have been happy but sleepy with Mariya. These days, I got used to the situation, so I restart my blog. This morning, I had a beef-bowl breakfast at Yoshinoya near Kofu Station; the price of a bowl was lowered to 280 yen because of the increase in beef imported from USA after the BSE issue. Taste was good. Then I took a train first to a company in Kanda, Tokyo, to discuss a computer simulation of the results of my project.  It seems that we will be able to write a good joint paper.  The company is now improving their own simulation program using our data.   They are planning … Continue reading

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Business trip again to Tokyo

Again a meeting in Tokyo for my project. I had a beef bowl at Yoshinoya in front of Kofu station.   Then I took trains to Kanda, Tokyo. Researchers from four companies got together, and with me, discussed about a start-up  cell.  We came up to a tentative design. The meeting ended at 4 PM. After the meeting, I visited a company taking care of my studio in Nakaochiai to say hello. This company is not for the whole building but only dealing with the tenant and my compartment. In my studio, a girl student lives, who experienced the earthquake.  Her mother wrote to me that she is doing just … Continue reading

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Beef Bowls

I am still revising a paper.  It is not easy to answer to all the questions. After I came home, I made beef bowls.  Katya and I are fond of it. Actually, I did not make it.  There was an online discount sale for the cooked-packed meat for the beef-bowl, and I bought 11 packs.  It cost only 3000 yen. Katya cooked rice, and I warmed up the packs to put the meat on rice. The beef was delicious for the price.  I will buy them again.

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Evening in Kyoto

Yesterday, after the afternoon rest in the hotel, we took a public bus to Hogonin Temple for an evening garden walk. Garden was illuminated neatly, and so many visitors were in there.  It is a pity I was not able to take good pictures with my camera. Katya had a slight cold.  We took a cab to a Chinese restaurant “Hoan Hoan” in front of our hotel. The restaurant did not look promising outside, but the foods surprised us.  We enjoyed Mapo Doufu in a genuine Sichuan style. Waiters and waitresses were all cheerful and helpful.  We recommend this restaurant when you have a chance.

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“HOME’S” Real-Estate Investment Fair

I could not sleep in fear of missing the bus leaving Kofu at 5:30 AM for Tokyo.  There is a real-estate event in Shiodome starting at 9:50 AM, sponsored by “NEXT” running a major real-estate portal site, “HOME’S“. I left our apartment at 4:50 AM, headed first for my office to fetch a train ticket back to Kofu, and rode a bike to the station. At Yoshinoya near the station, I had a new beef bowl with a sukiyaki taste and a miso soup for breakfast.  The new bowl was good with a cheaper price than that of an original beef bowl. The waiter gave me discount coupons. In the … Continue reading

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