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Today is Coming-of-Age Day, a national holiday. We went to Coffee Tonya to buy coffee, tea, and sweats. We had dinner at New Mahal. We went to D2 DIY shop and bought some pieces of wood to make a new shelf. We put Katya’s Beetle and an ivy pot. We even played tennis between 7 and 9 PM. Katya and I fully dressed up for winter tennis.  It was about 3 C, but there was no wind and we enjoyed it.

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Muravej’s mini, Katya’s beetle

After I showed you my ceramic mini, I felt like showing Katya’s beetle, too. We made them in Antov near Lake Yamanaka in May 2007.

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Muravej started working, Katya made shelves

I started working today.  Because I did not finish all the duties before the vacation, I worked hard. Katya starts her job on 6th, so she stayed home today. When I was back home, she asked me what I found in the dining room.  I said I saw a new calendar. It was a calendar Katya brought from Vladivostok. “Yes, it is, but what else?” And I found shelves on the wall! She wanted them on the wall, but I did not do it, so Katya did it herself.  Good for her! Katya likes old volkswagens, and she put three on the higher shelf.  On the lower shelf is  a … Continue reading

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mini is back

Mini is back to my parking lot from the biannual inspection today.  It cost 125,785 yen for taxes and maintenance fees.  I think it is an adequate price if one keeps an old car. Katya and I can do without mini but I still keep it paying higher annual taxes on a car older than 10 years.  I rent a parking lot with a roof. Financially, it is not a good choice. Mini was first fabricated in 1959. It was a revolutionary car with brand new concepts.  A type of minis, Mini Cooper, won the Monte Carlo Rally three times. Beatles and Queen Elizabeth owned mini. In 1991, Rover started … Continue reading

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