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Evening Tennis

It was a hot day, too. The highest temperature was (only) 33 degree C, but I felt it as hot as yesterday, especially after I rode a bicycle back home for lunch. Katya was surprised to see how my shirt got wet after a 10-min ride. Katya hates heat in Japan. She is so looking forward to her return back to Vladivostok at the end of this month. In the evening, I joined a tennis class held in Midorigaoka Sports Park.  It was hot, but it was very nice moving my body after desk works.  After returning home by mini, Katya was surprised again to see my soaked T-shirt because … Continue reading

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Bicycle for Chinese student

Today is Monday. In the morning, I met the Chinese student in our institute. He was doing OK during the weekend. We started talking in French. I have not been talking it for months, so I could not speak it well. He will be in the institute for two months, so I should be speaking it OK by then. He is now living in a dorm for international researchers and students.  I let him use my Lamborghini. I will be using my moped.  

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Real-estate meetings in Tokyo and Tokube dinner

There were two real-estate meetings , for which, I went to rainy Tokyo. The first one, starting from 1 PM,  was held in Shinjuku for the management of the apartment in Shibakoen.  There were four attendees who are the staffs of the owners’ union, including me. We talked about exchanging light bulbs into LEDs, a bicycle parking, and the modifications of the rules of the owners’ union. It ended at 2:30 PM. I rushed to the next meeting in Honancho for the management of the apartment in Nakaochiai, the representative of the owners’ union of which is me. I talked with a new  internet provider for the new service and … Continue reading

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Snowy Kofu, 2012

When I got up and took Maya-san out for a walk, we found out that it was snowing outside. It was the most snowy in this season. Maya-san hesitated to walk out, so I forced her to. Bamboos covered with snow on the way to my office: Experimental building seen on the right: Garden of the office building: Students were late for school because of the traffic jam. In the afternoon, the snow stopped, but the visitors from Tokyo were late because the trains were late. Katya walked to the English lessons in the afternoon for the safety. I was afraid that the roads were slippery in the evening, so … Continue reading

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Lamborghini hit by Toyota

In the morning, I picked my Lamborghini the bike from the parking space. I was talking with a neighbor of mine, while his wife drove backward her red Toyota. I thought she would stop, but no, the car hit my bicycle. I fell down, too. I was not injured but you can see the front wheel is destroyed. In the afternoon, an insurance company called me to talk about the accident.  I will take the bicycle to a bike shop, and the shop owner and the insurance company will talk. In the evening while I was still working, the man and his wife came to leave some sweets for me. … Continue reading

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Real estate meeting in Tokyo

In the evening, I went to Tokyo for an annual meeting of the Hongo apartment. Before the meeting, I went to the apartment in Shibakoen to check the bicycles.    They were not yet arranged in a proper way.  Moreover, more bicycles than registered.  I sent an e-mail to the real-estate managing company about the situation. Then I went to Shinjuku, and had a pork cutlet for dinner at Wako. . In the meeting for the Hongo apartment, there were four people. We talked about the schedules for the year. After the meeting, I went out of the building to find that Tokyo became much brighter than that after the … Continue reading

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January 2, 2007 in Sanya, China

We went to the town to rent bicycles. The price was much lower than renting at Holiday Inn.  We rent funny bikes. The downtown is on the beach, and many rivers run through it. We enjoyed riding downtown.  There were many hotels, and good coffee shops and restaurants were easy to find in them. We stayed in town till it got dark. This was the last evening in Sanya for two of us. We went out on the beach to have a bottle of wine with cheese.

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Venturing out in Black-Out Kofu

Today’s electricity shut-down started at 3:40 PM. At 5:30 PM, I went out to Kofu station by bike. Traffic lights are normally off. However at the busy corners, lights were lit now!  This will reduce the accidents. Station was lit inside and trains were coming. Escalators stopped. At the station, I asked about the seat reservation and found out that one can reserve seats only on the day of travel because the train schedules are fixed only in the morning. Takeda street at 6 PM. Sidewalks were lit by the car lights and the light of the full moon. I dropped by on campus. It was dark.  Nobody works. I … Continue reading

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Day after Holiday

The day after holiday is always busy.  Considerable people work on holidays and send me e-mails to be found on the following day! Plus, I had not finished some work due today, so I left home at 6 AM.  It was cold on bike.  Actually, it was the coldest day this winter. I  have finished what I had to do. Chris commented and recommended us to watch “How I Met Your Mother”.  Unfortunately, the DVDs are not available in rental shops, so Katya and I chose “House M.D.“  It is a good drama, although we do not understand what the diseases are even with subtitles.

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Annual Apartment Meeting in Shinjuku

After I finished my work, I took a rapid train to Tokyo. This evening, a general meeting was held in Shinjuku for the owners of the apartment in Shibakoen .  The management is carried out healthily, which satisfied me. The meeting was held on the 12th floor of the building. I took a train home. In Kofu station, I found a new monument representing a drop of grape, made of stones (in Kofu, gems are produced). From the station, I was riding a bicycle to the apartment.  On the way, I saw Katya walking with Maya-san.  Katya came to see me.  We noticed each other. I called “Maya-san”, thinking she … Continue reading

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