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Mariya’s birthday party

Mariya’s birthday was October 15, but today, Saturday, I invited my parents to have a birthday party with them . I saw my parents at Kofu station at 1 PM and took them to our apartment. I quickly went to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh, to take out dinner.   The taste was OK.   Then all of us went out for Takeda Shrine. A cameraman was waiting for us to take pictures of us in a small park nearby. After taking photos, I took my parents back to Kofu station. My mother will come to visit us for helping us with moving out from the apartment after my visit to … Continue reading

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Mariya’s birthday

Mariya is one year old today. Time flies! Katya dressed Mariya up with a dress my mother gave to Mariya and a head band from Natalia. Mariya does not like hats. It seems she was happy without the head band.

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Mariya’s 7-month old birthday

I was working with researchers from Shimadzu and Panasonic; very busy. Today’s Mariya’s 7-month old birthday.    We celebrated her birthday.

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Katya’s Birthday, August 21, 2012

After we got up, I gave Katya a small present for her birthday. I bought it in Korea and kept it. Then I took Maya-san for a morning walk (as a tiny extra birthday present), and left home. In the late afternoon, Katya came by Smart and we went together to Red Lobster. I had reserved seats for us. There were some customers even on a weekday.  We are glad because we have been worried about the withdrawal of Red Lobster from Kofu. We found that it is “Crab day” today on Tuesday, when we get some discounts. We ordered a lobster.       For Katya’s birthday, they took pictures … Continue reading

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Muravej’s birthday, 2012

In the morning, Katya and Maya-san kissed my happy birthday. I took Maya-san out for a morning walk, while Katya prepared breakfast. Katya bought me a Starbucks’ tumbler with a green-tea macaron. The tumbler should be useful, and we can use them together. Katya bought cakes yesterday, and we had them for breakfast, too. Then we went out for a walk together. On the pathway, a cherry blossom tunnel is made, but unfortunately, the blossoms were almost gone. It was a pleasant walk, anyway, then it started raining.  We got into Smart and went to a Starbucks coffee house. I filled up the tumbler for free as Katya did. We … Continue reading

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Parents’ 77-year old anniversary and Golden wedding

We had not celebrated my parents’ 77-year old anniversary (birthdays, yes, but not as a special ceremony); “77 years old” is considered as an age representing happiness in Japan. Kids decided to celebrate their Golden marriage together with their 77-year old anniversary (Mom and Dad are at the same age). I have a sister and a brother, who have their own families and live in different places. All of us got together at our parents’ today. Katya drove up on Chuo High Way. Yatsugatake mountains looked beautiful. Katya, Maya-san, and I arrived 5 minutes before noon. My sister’s and brother’s families had already arrived and were helping with the party. … Continue reading

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Katya’s Birthday

Today is Katya’s birthday.  I sent a bouquet of flowers yesterday. I called Katya in the evening. She was happy with her parents. She has not been with her family on her birthday for years, so I am glad, too. On my side, my presentation is tomorrow. I am preparing with Maya-san. When Maya-san understands me, my presentation will be accepted to everybody. The rain was on and off. It is cool and pleasant.

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Maya-san’s Birthday

Maya-san was born in 2005. A Russian family found her on the street of Vladivostok. Maya-san was so active that she could have fled herself to enjoy the street air or chase city cats. Maya-san was too active for the family to keep her; they sent her to a shelter. Katya found an ad, saw Maya-san in the shelter, and took her home.  It was April 2006.  Katya and her family made Maya-san’s birthday August 1, 2005. So today is her birth day. We brought dried Achilles’ tendons of turkeys and rib bones of cubs. We only gave her a piece of tendon to keep her weight for her back. … Continue reading

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Quiet Birthday

It was my birthday today. I was busy in the morning and came back home for lunch at 2 PM. Katya gave me a Hilfiger shirt and a bottle of perfume for my birthday presents. Maya-san gave me kisses. In the evening, we went to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner. It was deserted inside more than usual on a Friday evening. Waiters and waitresses were less.  On March 1, they changed the menu, increasing combos, which made the quality look lower.  Actually, as far as we noticed, the taste was not bad. Drinks. I wore the shirt Katya gave me.  We took a lot of appetizers. We shared a … Continue reading

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