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Muravej’s birthday, 2012

In the morning, Katya and Maya-san kissed my happy birthday. I took Maya-san out for a morning walk, while Katya prepared breakfast. Katya bought me a Starbucks’ tumbler with a green-tea macaron. The tumbler should be useful, and we can use them together. Katya bought cakes yesterday, and we had them for breakfast, too. Then we went out for a walk together. On the pathway, a cherry blossom tunnel is made, but unfortunately, the blossoms were almost gone. It was a pleasant walk, anyway, then it started raining.  We got into Smart and went to a Starbucks coffee house. I filled up the tumbler for free as Katya did. We … Continue reading

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Bureaucrats came to check the purchases

At 1:30 PM, two bureaucrats came to our institute to check whether I have been using my money properly for the project. The office workers took care of them. The visitors said I am doing OK, except for some minor issues. We all were relieved. It is rainy this evening. The temperature got lower. All cherry blossoms must be falling off now.

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Cherry Blossoms and House. M.D. Season 6

After a late taco lunch, Katya and I took Maya-san to Midorigaoka Sports Park. On Takeda street, cherry blossoms were in full bloom. In Midorigaoka Sports Park, the blossoms were beautiful, too.    In the evening, Katya and I unintentionally watched House M.D., which started this spring in Japan. We once lost our interest when less attractive actors joined the team. Then House himself became losing his controls in perceiving the reality. Season 6 started with House in a psychiatric hospital. He was acting in his selfish ways as usual, and we thought it would be boring. However, House became accepting his weakness and agreed to accept the treatments. We got attracted by the drama. … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Cherry blossoms on Takeda street were not in bloom yesterday. They survived, thus,  against the hard wind. Today, it was very shiny, and the buds started to be open. These days, I normally take Maya-san out for the evening walk because of Katya’s pollen allergy. I took pictures of the evening blossoms.    By the way, the nose drops are working on Katya.

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