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Camera Malfunctioning

It was rainy today. I taught two classes  as usual. The second class ended at 2:30 PM. I took all the materials out and quickly went out to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh, which closes at 3 PM. After the quick lunch, I had a discussion with students from 3:30 to 4:10 PM. Then, there was an administration meeting from 4:30 to  5 PM. I checked e-mails and continued my jobs. Katya picked me up at 8 PM at the institute. In the rain, we headed for a sushi restaurant, Nigiri no Tokube; there was a 19% discount coupon left unused. I tried to take pictures as usual in the restaurant, … Continue reading

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Lonely tennis

Katya and I restarted tennis in a tennis class in November. We normally go on Tuesdays. The Tuesday class could be the most basic one, and it is good for us to practice fundamental skills again. Last Tuesday, I went to a party and Katya alone went to the class. Today, Friday, I joined the class alone. Katya took me to the court with Smart. She had bought me a new pair of tennis shoes because my nails were damaged by running in my old shoes. It was the day of the first trial of the shoes. Although it is in the mid November, the temperature was suitable for playing … Continue reading

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Popular Katya

Katya is very popular among students.  All students like her. Parents are very happy about her teaching, too. Some parents of a class brought her good Japanese persimmons. Once a week, she teaches a young restaurant manager  at our apartment. He went to Korea the other day with all his family. He bought her seasoned laver and sesami candies. I still remember that a pupil of hers went to the Disney Land and bought her souvenirs to show how happy he was  and to share the happiness. I am very proud of Katya.

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Working Monday

I arrived at the institute at 7:30 AM. I started working. First, I had some tedious things to be done.  Then I started writing a paper. When writing a paper, I need to concentrate myself only on writing. I need to be in my own time and space. It was a pity I had a class today to teach. Although I have not finished the paper, I made a progress. I felt good. I returned home. Katya grilled chicken and potatoes, which was tasty.

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Internet Surfing

Today is Tuesday, when I have two classes to teach.  The one in the morning is for graduate students, and the other in the afternoon, for sophomores. At three o’clock, I had a meeting with company peoples about buying a new instrument.  At five o’clock, I talked with researchers about our new project based on the proposal. After dinner, I was writing a post for the blog, and Katya was netsurfing. Katya used to check about tennis tournaments.  She is a fan of Nadal, but since he is not playing well these days, Katya stopped searching about tennis, avoiding potential bad news about him.  Katya is now checking dachshund sites.

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Proposal is being finished

I slept a bit last night and eventually went to my office at 3 AM. I had two classes today: other than that, I was working on the proposal. It is almost ending.  I showed Katya my proposal, and she was impressed (I think) by the quantity and possibly the quality of it. The deadline of the submission is on May 13.

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School year is ending

School year ends in March in Japan.  We are getting ready for sending students out from academia. My PhD student did OK.  He finished with his thesis.  He is still carrying out his experiments for his last paper.  Katya and I will hold a farewell party for him. Master students and senior students do their graduation presentations, too, and we will help them. I am organizing a meeting in a conference with six Chinese and six Japanese.  One Japanese participant has not been decided and I have been sending e-mails and calling one by one. My ex-boss got a big prize in another scientific society, and I will try to … Continue reading

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