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Curry party

In the morning, I brought a full pot of curry to the institute’s dining room by mini, and put it in the refrigerator. After my English lesson, I started a curry party in the dining room. I invited nine students, including the Chinese student from France,  and one young researcher not yet married. I had asked students to buy some drinks and nan at New Mahal. The party started after 6:30 PM. It was a pleasant dinner with a lot of conversation. They seemed to enjoyed the curry. It is a pity I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I will make them chili in winter.

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Curry done

I joined a tennis lesson this evening in Midorigaoka Sports Park. It rained once in a while, but we were somehow able to continue and finish the lesson. I came back home and started cooking curry again. I added tomato, chicken, some wine, spices, etc to the onion paste. It is almost done. I hope the quantity is OK for ten people tomorrow.

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Welcome Party and Cooking Curry

There was a small party at the institute’s dining room. About 20 researchers got together to welcome three new comers. The party started at 6 PM. They were drinking and having fun. I asked Katya on the phone to come pick me up to Ogino, a super market; I invited my students to a curry dinner the day after tomorrow after my English lesson, and I wanted to buy the ingredients for curry. Katya arrived before 8 PM with Maya-san. We left the institute for Ogino. These are the ones I bought for chicken curry. The most difficult ones to find are spices, which I have already purchased on the … Continue reading

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Gusto, Shosenkyo, and New Mahal on Sunday

In the morning, Katya and I had breakfast at Gusto as usual.    I read a newspaper and Katya a book. In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Shosenkyo Valley  for a walk.       The green was young and beautiful. Katya and I had dinner at New Mahal.    I asked a Nepali waiter in Japanese to make my curry spicy.  He was mistaken and made my chicken curry much less spicy. Boy, wasn’t I disappointed.  However, since he was not a Japanese, I thought it was partly my fault. The curry was not very good for me, but I ate them all. The waiter was very pleasant. We … Continue reading

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Vegetable Curry

I cooked dinner again this evening. I cooked vegetable curry. It took one and a half hour. I simply write down the ingredients to show that I was serious. 1. Spices Laurier, Black Pepper, Cumin, Fresh Garlic, Fried Onion, Fresh Ginger, Turmeric, Coriander, Hot Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Clove, Curry Leaf, Salt, Garam Masala 2. Fruits and Vegetables Onion, Celery, Apple, Green Pepper, Egg Plant, Carrot, Potato, Soy Beans, Pumpkin, Kiwi, Banana, Okra 3. Other Ingredients Butter, White Wine, Yogurt, Mixed Vegetable Juice I felt something (or namely, chicken) was missing, but Katya enjoyed it.

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Tennis and Curry on Sunday

Today, citizens of Kofu were able to use the city sports facilities for free.  We played tennis from the noon to 2 PM. Even with no fees, we were the only ones on the courts on a winter day. Katya started to play tennis after her arrival in Japan.  I did not expect she would be so much fond of tennis, not only playing but watching.  In spring, we are planning to go to a tennis school. In the afternoon, we walked around a lake with Maya-san. Maya-san dug a hole as usual.  She uses not only her fore legs but her mouth. In the evening, I made chicken and … Continue reading

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Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park

Today, we visited the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park again with mini. Colored leaves are gradually falling down.  The best time is over. We arrived at the visitor center to find much less cars in the parking lot. Up in the mountain, leaves are almost gone. Winter is coming. In the evening, we went to “NEW MAHAL“. Dinner is better than lunch there. I chose spicy chicken curry, and Katya, mixed and eggplant vegan curries.  We shared. Katya’s mixed vegan curry (in the middle in the picture) was very rich and tasty. We got full.  Maya-san welcomed us at home.

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Muravej’s Presentation Over

I stayed up all night for the presentation. Breakfast in the room. The last student did a good talk.  She received two questions, to which she answered promptly. I think my presentation was good.  But I received only one question from a chairman.  I felt dumb.  My colleagues told me that it was a good presentation.  Maybe I needed to explain more carefully. I had a curry for dinner. The chicken curry was made of Indians and tasted good.  I bought a Mexican beer at a Mexican Deli. After dinner, my colleagues and I went to see “Crazy Girls“, a show played for 23 years in Riviera.  Since we stayed … Continue reading

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Rainy Holiday

It has been raining all day. In the morning, the rain was not heavy, so I put a carrier base on the Smart’s roof.  The color had faded, and I sprayed on it. Katya made a photo blog for herself.  She uploaded more than fifty photos.  Maladez (Good girl), Katya. In the afternoon, we were just relaxing.  I was reading a magazine on a real estate business. In the afternoon, we drove out to a pet shop, “Pet Field“.  We bought a dried pig ear. Then we went to “Nitori“, a furniture shop (like IKEA), to buy a bookshelf for my books for my real estate business. While Katya and … Continue reading

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This time, Indian

I made an Indian eggplant curry for Katya to enjoy during my business trip.

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