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Taking photos and dinner together

In the afternoon, I went to Kofu station to pick up my parents, who came to see Mariya and to go to the shrine with us.┬áVery unfortunately, it started raining. The rain was not so heavy, but we did not want Mariya to get cold. So we decided not to go to the shrine. In our apartment, we dressed up Mariya white for taking pictures in the studio. Mom bought her a new kimono. A van came to our apartment, and all of us except Maya-san got it on to the studio with the new red kimono for Mariya with us. At the studio, many pictures were taken. I will … Continue reading

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Vegetables from Dad

My dad is an amateur farmer. He is 78 years old and still rents a farm to cultivate vegetables and fruits. Today, he sent us a box of vegetables. Mom put descriptions of how to cook them in case Katya does not know the vegetable. The refrigerator is filled with them.

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