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Night Tennis on Sunday (as usual)

Today, pollen was flowing all around Kofu. In the morning, Katya and I watched “Dog Whisperer” over breakfast.  We think that Ceser Millan sometimes simply makes Jack a dull dog, but this morning, I found that there are many things I can learn from him. In the afternoon, Katya and I went to buy a new washing machine; an ex-student of mine gave me a washing machine nearly 20 years ago, which has been still working.  Recently,  the spin-drying does not working well, so we decided to buy one. We chose a SANYO.  I am sorry for the company, which was producing good products but was integrated into Panasonic.  I … Continue reading

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She is the Dog Whisperer

In the morning on the way to my office, I took a picture of cherry blossoms  almost ending.  New green leaves appear to tell summer is coming closer. Yes, the temperature went up to 25 C today.  I could have gone with a T-shirt. Katya was asked to come to her Ukrainian friend’s house in Shimosuwa.  The friend bought a Belgium Shepherd, the first doggy friend in her life.  It is still a baby boy and very active. He seems friendly, but she does not know how to treat him.  So Katya went to help her. I came back alone for lunch to find Maya-san having had a small party.  … Continue reading

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