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Bye-bye Doshinboh

It is Saturday. Katya and I went to Doshinboh, our favorite Chinese restaurant, for lunch. It looked the same outside, but the door was closed and nobody was there.  I instantly imagined that the restaurant should have been bankrupt. We walked into a Indian restaurant, Taj Mahal, located by Doshinboh. We ordered a lunch set.    Curry, nan, an drinks are served as much as you want.  The price was reasonable, 850 yen each. They served spicy curry, too, so it was OK with me. Katya did not like curry because they was watery and nan either because it was more like bread. I asked an (Indian, possibly) waiter about … Continue reading

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Manpuku Roh Dinner

On Saturday evening, Katya and I walked to Manpuku Roh, a Chinese restaurant: Katya from home and me from the office. We met in front of the restaurant. Inside was full of customers. I wish it were Dohshinboh, our favorite restaurant.    Manpuku Roh is close to ours and the price is reasonable. Dohshinboh is far, but there are more variety of foods, the quality is better, and the price lower. On the way back home together, we bought some ice candy bars. Each had one at home.

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Dohshinboh survives

This afternoon  for lunch, Katya and I visited our favorite Chinese restaurant, “Dohshinboh“. Outside of the restaurant, we were surprised to see several cars in the parking lot. There should be some customers other than us today. Four tables were occupied. It was the first time for us to see so “many” customers. It seems that the place is getting to be known. Two Chinese waitresses were not seen; instead, one waiter and two cooks were there. We had good lunch as usual.    We will keep going to Dohshinboh.

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Doshinboh, Gusto, Robber, Stepford Wives

It was still rainy in the afternoon. Katya and I went to Doshinboh for a Saturday lunch. In front of the restaurant outside in the parking area, an advertising board was renewed.  Menus were changed, and the prices became cheaper. I was a bit worried because this may mean the restaurant is not going well. All combos have become cheaper by 10%.       Foods were good, but there were only two couples in the restaurant. One of the two waitresses seemed to be left. I wish the best to Doshinboh. We went to Gusto for dinner.    When we came back home, we found a robbery! Maya-san the burgler put her … Continue reading

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Earthquake, Dohshinboh by mini, Submission of a paper

At about 7:40 AM, there was an earthquake. Although it was a Saturday morning, Katya woke up. Maya-san kept sleeping. I soon understood that the earthquake itself might not be a big one because the frequency of the shake was high. Even though, the vibration was rather large, meaning that the location of the earthquake might be close to Kofu. The quake stopped, and restarted twice. Katya check the news by her iPad.; the epicenter was near Kofu, close to Mt. Fuji. The magnitude was 5.5, so it was not a big earthquake. Then I went to school to work. At 1 PM, Katya and I met at the parking … Continue reading

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Smart back, Dohshinboh surviving

In the afternoon, we went to Yanase Kofu to receive Smart. Katya and I were waiting inside till the car was ready. Katya drove Smart. She was happy to have her favorite car back. Then we went to Dohshinboh, the Chinese restaurant, for lunch. To our surprise, and happiness, there were nine more people beside us.    Katya and I have been talking that Dohshinboh might be already on the edge of a bankrupt because we see few customers,  and that we should visit it as often as possible before the time comes. Hopefully, we might be mistaken. There are 22 combos, each of which costs only 600 yen.    … Continue reading

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First snow, Smart gone, Dohshinboh worriness

We had the first noticeable snow this winter in Kofu, 2-mm thick.    In the afternoon, we took Smart to Yanase Kofu. C class they let us use did not blow warm air, so we returned to Yanase to have it fixed. On the way back home, we dropped by Dohshinboh, our favorite Chinese restaurant close to it. This restaurant started in December last year. We are trying to help them by visiting and eating. However, unfortunately, there were only two of us this evening. Foods were good as usual.       Katya and I were talking about what is wrong with this restaurant. The location could be one of … Continue reading

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