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Bye-bye Doshinboh

It is Saturday. Katya and I went to Doshinboh, our favorite Chinese restaurant, for lunch. It looked the same outside, but the door was closed and nobody was there.  I instantly imagined that the restaurant should have been bankrupt. We walked into a Indian restaurant, Taj Mahal, located by Doshinboh. We ordered a lunch set.    Curry, nan, an drinks are served as much as you want.  The price was reasonable, 850 yen each. They served spicy curry, too, so it was OK with me. Katya did not like curry because they was watery and nan either because it was more like bread. I asked an (Indian, possibly) waiter about … Continue reading

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From Hatsushima to Atami to Shimosuwa to Kofu

Today was Marine Day, a national holiday. We left XIV Hatsushima Hotel at 10:30 AM. At the harbor, we wanted to buy living turban shells for my parents to cook, but the shop for shells and shrimp was closed because of the marine festival on the island being prepared from the morning. The long flags on the island showed that there would be held a festival. At the pier, we waited for a boat to come from Atami. Yes, there were many people on board. They would not stay overnight on Hatsushima, but go back to Atami in the evening after seeing the festival. We took the boat and left … Continue reading

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March 30, 2011, a stable day

Electricity has been supplied these days in Kofu.  Probably, Tokyo Electric Power Co. will be providing electricity at least till April 3 as planned. Aftershocks are getting fewer and smaller in the north-east area. Foods and water have been contaminated in Fukuoka Fukushima.  Farmers would not be able to sell their products from there.  In Kofu, foods got more expensive, but not drastically. Gasoline is supplied daily in Kofu.  It is not very expensive yet.  In the north-east area, gasoline started to be sold daily, too. Spring has come.  Cherry blossoms are in bloom. Yearly festival in April was canceled at Takeda Shrine.  Two conferences in March I was planning … Continue reading

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