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Jingisukan again on Typhoon Sunday

In the morning, Katya and I had breakfast at Jonathan’s. An extremely powerful typhoon, #17, is coming to Japan.  It is the biggest one in years. In the afternoon, it started raining. At around 6 PM, the typhoon arrived in Toba, Mie prefecture, where we stayed in July. We had a Jingisukan BBQ again for dinner.    Katya prepared a lot of vegetables this time. Last evening, Katya put four snails inside the sea-water fish tank. They look healthy. It is 9 PM, the wind got stronger.

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Report finished

I woke up at 1:30 AM and went to my office.  Then I started working on the report due tomorrow. I came back home at 7 AM and took Maya-san for a walk. Then I went back to my office. I started working again. I had lunch I brought from home, Then I started working again. I finished the document at 3 PM. I called to a delivery company to pass the document to be delivered to Tokyo. After coming back home, Katya put another live rock into the fish tank. The atmosphere is getting ready for welcoming a crab or somthing.

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Jingisukan BBQ dinner on Sunday

It is Sunday today. When I woke up, it was raining. I took Maya-san out for a walk in the morning. She was a good girl enough not to hesitate to walk in the rain, which is not very often. After the walk, Katya drove to Jonathan’s. I read a newspaper, while Katya an internet magazine with her iPad.    Drinks in Jonathan’s are better than in Gusto, so we might be going to have Sunday breakfasts in Jonathan’s, although Gusto is in the walking distance from our apartment. Then we went to “Pet Field” to see live rocks to be put in a fish tank. We did not buy … Continue reading

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Water purifier for a new fish tank

Katya is slowly working on the sea-water fish tank. She had bought a water purifying apparatus, and today, I connected it with a water tap. I slowly passed 20 litters of water from the tap in order to take out extra powders of activated charcoal. It took nearly two hours to eliminate charcoal powders. Tomorrow, I will run the instrument for two hours. After that, we should be able to obtain pure water for ocean fish.

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Katya’s Birthday, August 21, 2012

After we got up, I gave Katya a small present for her birthday. I bought it in Korea and kept it. Then I took Maya-san for a morning walk (as a tiny extra birthday present), and left home. In the late afternoon, Katya came by Smart and we went together to Red Lobster. I had reserved seats for us. There were some customers even on a weekday.  We are glad because we have been worried about the withdrawal of Red Lobster from Kofu. We found that it is “Crab day” today on Tuesday, when we get some discounts. We ordered a lobster.       For Katya’s birthday, they took pictures … Continue reading

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