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Lake Saiko and Lake Kawaguchiko on Sunday

In the morning, the weather forecast said it could be rainy all day today. We waited, and the sky was getting clearer. At 1 PM, Katya, Maya-san, and I left for Lake Saiko.    The temperature was 20 degree C. Very comfortable for a walk. After a short walk, we went into “Hanashinobu“, a restaurant where dogs are allowed.       We ordered sets of hamburg stew and omelette curry. The taste was not very bad, but the dishes were over-priced even in an resort area. We talked about the French lunch at “Ryu” we had last weekend, where the cheaper lunch was only 1,200 yen including a dessert and … Continue reading

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Trip to see my ex-student in Yamagata prefecture

An ex-student of mine, to whom I tutored French when I was a university student, is now running a small company in Shinjo, Yamagata prefecture. Today, I took a break and visited his firm. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. I went to my office to check e-mails. Then, I rode my bike to Kofu Station. I took an express “Azusa” at 7:24 AM to Tachikawa. In the train, I took a Filet-O-Fish set. I changed trains and trains and finally took a bullet train from Omiya to Shinjo.    The train once stopped at Fukushima Station, when, I confess, I felt uneasy. I arrived at the Shinjo Station … Continue reading

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Bicycle for Chinese student

Today is Monday. In the morning, I met the Chinese student in our institute. He was doing OK during the weekend. We started talking in French. I have not been talking it for months, so I could not speak it well. He will be in the institute for two months, so I should be speaking it OK by then. He is now living in a dorm for international researchers and students.  I let him use my Lamborghini. I will be using my moped.  

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