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Furoen on Vernal Equinox Day

Today is Vernal Equinox Day, a holiday. In the morning, Katya and I went to Gusto for breakfast.    We went back home, picked Maya-san up, and headed for Furoen as scheduled. We used two Ogino coupons for a free entry.    The Ume blossoms were at their best.    Small shops were there to provide with foods and drinks. We took a cup of amazake drink. We walked up the hill.       It was a pleasant walk except Maya-san who needed some free run. Katya and I took Maya-san to Pet Field for her beauty care. I looked her through the window. She was OK with the lady but did … Continue reading

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A day between Sunday and Holiday

Yesterday was Sunday, and tomorrow, Vernal Equinox Day, a holiday. Therefore, I had to work hard to finish the jobs remaining from last week and those I cannot do tomorrow. I came back home a little after 8 PM. I am planning to do a bit of work to be relaxed tomorrow. Tomorrow, Katya, Maya-san, and I are planning to visit an ume park, Furoen.

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Ume Garden for the Ageless

In the morning, we had breakfast at Gusto. Then three of us, Katya, Maya-san, and I, visited an ume garden named “Furoen“, or “Garden for the Ageless”.  The name is taken from a Chinese legend. Although it was a very warm day for winter, blossoms are not in their full bloom. In a green house are sold bonsais. Maya-san’s hind left leg is a bit weak now, so I sometimes carried her. She will be OK as usual after some rest. Yes, we found blossoms, too. Katya will probably post her better pictures later in her own photo blog. We played tennis for two hours.  It was fun on a … Continue reading

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