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Graduation season

Students are getting ready for the graduation. A master degree student is busy with his thesis. He modified an apparatus himself for new experiments. He has gotten good results, which will be published in a paper. A bachelor course student is working hard for his last experiments. He is very smart. He has decided to go for his master’s and carry out experiments with me. I hope he will keep studying and try to accomplish his doctor’s, too. In the afternoon, juniors came to our institute to start carrying out their preliminary experiments. They will join the group from April. It is the time for the regeneration.

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Students’ theses

It was a snowy day today. Katya and I might go skiing this weekend. Two of my students are busy preparing for the graduation. A PhD student is getting ready for the final defense of Monday. It will be in English. He wrote papers in English and attended international conferences. He is a smart guy, so he should be OK. A master degree student is less experienced. I have been reading his thesis all day. He wrote a lot (in Japanese), but with less care and consideration. It was not enjoyable hours to correct his manuscript. Anyway, I will hold a party for students including the two. I will be … Continue reading

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Student’s visit and evening tennis

At 8 AM, in front of the entrance of the institute, I met a student from Fukui prefecture, who took a train from Fukui to Kyoto for 1.5 hours and a night bus successively to Kofu for seven hours!  He only took a couple-of-hour sleep. He is a senior in a university in Fukui, who is willing to study in Kofu after his graduation next March.  He came to see the institute. He could be my student next year. I showed him the facilities, let him talk with students, and had a lunch together.  Then he walked back to Kofu station.  I hope he did not miss the train to … Continue reading

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Helping students for the company interviews

In Japan, everything ends in March and starts in April except for new years. This means that practically every student is graduated from school in March and starts working in April.  Therefore, in the last year of school, students need to look for a job as well as study for their graduation. Two of my students, one Ph.D and the other Master’s, are graduating next March, and they are looking for jobs.  Today, Saturday, I helped them with their interviews both coming on Tuesday. Getting a job is very difficult this year especially due to the earthquake.  Employments of many graduates were canceled, meaning they might loose one year.  I … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

Today was the  graduation day for the students in our university. In the morning, we had the graduation ceremony in a hall in downtown Kofu.  In the afternoon, all students of the institute got together to receive diplomas.  We took pictures together. I hope the alumni will sometimes visit us. We had a scheduled electricity shut-down from 3:40 to 6:40 PM.  It started raining right after the shut-down.  I came back home at 5 PM, because it was too dark to work without light. Since we were not able to cook during the blackout, Katya and I went out together to a buffet restaurant, Nanoha, which one of Katya’s students … Continue reading

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First Electricity Shut-Down and Graduation Dinner Party

In the morning, the electricity supply was stopped from 7 to 9:30 AM as scheduled.  I had serial for breakfast.  I did not take a shower. I dropped by at a convenience store to see how it was. All the lights were off.  I saw some people moving inside.  I walked to the entrance, and a girl opened the door.  People were working. I looked around inside.  Foods were less than usual but sufficient.  I bought some bread.  The register was working using the backup battery. We had a graduation dinner of our institute from 6 PM.  54 people got together.  Two professors and one student did not show up … Continue reading

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Parties continue

From 6 PM, we had a small party among teachers, researchers, and students, who have been working on a specific field together in the institute to celebrate the success in the final exams and the graduation. We had unlimited meat-and-vegetable pots and drinks. I saved because I was going to Tokube, a sushi restaurant with Katya; today’s Thursday, a Tuna day. I got full and sleepy because I have been working on the tax payment at night after the work. I woke up and started posting this article.

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First Presentation day for bachelor students

From 9:15 AM, the graduation presentations for bachelors started. They have 5 min for talk and 2 min for questions and answers.  Many of them looked very nervous. During the lunch time, Katya came with smart.  We went to Yanase for the check-up.  They let us use an Opel during the inspection. We bought sandwiches at KFC because we did not have enough time.  Katya drove me back. The presentations restarted and ended at 5:30 PM for today. The presentations continue tomorrow.

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Dinner with Illinois Professor

There were another rehearsals for the graduation presentation of 12 senior students.  Presentation is 7 min for each, but we were with them from 8:30 to 17:30.  We will carry out the second turn of rehearsals tomorrow. In the evening, I went to Kofu station to pick up a professor from Illinois, USA, in whose laboratory, I passed my sabbatical for one year.  I see him once in a while at conferences. I took him to Konaya Hotel near Kofu station. We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant in the hotel over a bottle of Yamanashi wine.  We talked a lot. He will give us a lecture tomorrow.

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Students are graduating

Today, at 9 AM, all professors of the institute got together in a room for the rehearsals for the graduating eight master students of their oral presentation scheduled next Tuesday.  They gave 20-minute talks and 40-minute questions/answers.  Everybody did good except one, for whom, we will have another rehearsal on Saturday morning. The rehearsals ended at 6:30 PM.  I did not go home for lunch, because I was too busy for the students. In March, the last month of the educational year, we are going to have a couple of farewell parties.  Graduation is waiting, too. After coming home, Katya prepared a fish dinner for me. Tomorrow is National Foundation … Continue reading

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