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Rain in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kofu

My parents have come back from a five-day trip around Hokkaido and Tohoku. They did not take planes but took trains all the way. I called my mother on the phone. They seemed to have enjoyed the trip. Unfortunately, it was raining during their whole trip, she said. In the evening in Kofu, it started raining cats and dogs. When I was about to leave the office back home, the rain stopped, so I rode a bike. It started raining again on the way back home. I got all wet.

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Ex-student visited from Hokkaido

In the morning, I finished a small article, which will be published in November. Then, I started preparing the presentation held in August 22. I was working on the seminar scheduled at the end of this month, too. An ex-PhD student of mine visited me. Because of the earthquake, he was asked by the company to stay at his in Hokkaido with the 70%-payment till October starts.¬† Good life! Of course, in fact, he was not happy about his half-a-year vacation, because he was all ready and happy to start working from April. He tries to take this opportunity positively, though. He was going to drink out with my present … Continue reading

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