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Two doctors I learned

During my sabbatical in 2005 in Illinois, U.S.A. I got acquainted with two doctors.  One was Dr. House, who was not yet on TV in Japan.  The other was Dr. Seuss, who is still not well-known in Japan. I found Dr. Seuss very interesting.  I understood how kids learn to read in the states.  I bought some of his books and brought them to Japan. In a gallery in L.A., I found this print “Self Portrait of an Artist Worrying About His Next Book“.  At the first glance, he attracted me. I bought it and brought it to Japan, too. I have not yet put it on the wall, either.

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Day after Holiday

The day after holiday is always busy.  Considerable people work on holidays and send me e-mails to be found on the following day! Plus, I had not finished some work due today, so I left home at 6 AM.  It was cold on bike.  Actually, it was the coldest day this winter. I  have finished what I had to do. Chris commented and recommended us to watch “How I Met Your Mother”.  Unfortunately, the DVDs are not available in rental shops, so Katya and I chose “House M.D.“  It is a good drama, although we do not understand what the diseases are even with subtitles.

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Fled from Yamanashi

It was 37 C yesterday in Kofu, so we decided to move to my parents’ house in Shimosuwa, Nagano.  Katya took these pictures. Maya-san watched outside for our safety. Today, we first went to Kirigamine area.  Green was a bit faded probably because of the heat. In a parking lot of Piratus Rope way, there was a Super Seven meeting. Then, we moved to the Tokyu Tateshina resort area, a big resort area with hotels, cottages, restaurants, ski field, golf field, tennis courts, etc. Maya-san dug a hole in a dog-run. We had lunch. We played tennis on a private tennis court. After coming back home, I cooked tuna and … Continue reading

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dramas for us – continue

Temperature was up to 36 C, amazingly stable everyday. In spite of the heat, our veranda is full of roses.  I show you another photo. When Katya and I watch TV or videos, or go to see the movies together, there are some linguistic points not essential but preferable, as stated yesterday.  1) English comprehensible without strong accents or slang.  2) English subtitles welcome, even if the actors speak English. American TV dramas on DVD do fit the criteria.  We enjoyed watching “House” but stopped watching it because of the less attractive actors from Season 4.  “HEROS” soon got too complicated. “FRIENDS” is OK, and we are on our second … Continue reading

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inside mini

It was 35 C today in Kofu. On my way back from lunch, I drove my Lanborghini to the landlord to pay for my parking lot for mini.  Her house is close by. I show you the inside of my mini. The steering wheel is Nardi. Oil and water temperatures monitored.  Air conditioner equipped. Six speakers. Carrozzeria audio system. Navigation system. Recaro sport seats. Power systems, intake/exhaust systems, electric/electronic  systems modified.  Shock absorbers for racing, sport tires. After arriving in Japan, Katya got sick in my jumping mini, and we had to find another car.  I will someday talk about our second car.

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