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Lake Inagako, KFC, Aquarium project

Kofu was very warm. In the morning, it was 24 degree c. Katya and I went to buy packs of coffee and some biscuits at Coffee Tonya. In the afternoon, we went to Lake Inagako.  Much cooler at 14 degree C.    The leaves are falling down.  Autumn is ending.    Maya-san dug holes as usual. However, the moles seemed to have gone. On the way back home, we stopped by at a KFC to take lunch out. Christmas is getting closer. We then fetched some water plants at Pet Field for Katya’s aquarium project. After having a late KFC lunch at home, Katya planted the plants in a tank. … Continue reading

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Lake Inagako and Tennis

After breakfast, Katya and I went to Lake Inagako with Maya-san. The temperature decreased from 32 to 24 degree C.   Maya-san dug a hole. While she was digging, I slept on the bench. It was very pleasant. After coming back from Inagako, I made a seafood salad. We had it over a bottle of wine. In the evening, played tennis from 7 yo 9 PM at Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Center.   The humidity was still high, and we sweat a lot. But we had fun.

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Concert on Saturday Evening

In the afternoon, I worked in my office, and Katya took Maya-san to Lake Inagako. Katya and I went to the prefecture hall for an amateur classic concert. We were to go to the concert in April, but it was postponed because of the possible blackouts. We missed the first half of the concert and managed to listen to the symphony #7 of Beethoven. They did fine, if not perfect. For the last part of the concert, children’s chorus in Kofu joined. We had dinner at Denny’s and went back home.  It was a good and simple Saturday evening.

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