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One-day business trip to Osaka

The train left Kofu at 8:43 AM. I went to Panasonic in Osaka for a discussion about my instruments. I arrive there at 2 PM. Three of my students took a bus for seven hours from Kofu to Osaka yesterday. They said taking a bus eventually costs less even staying in a hotel. The discussion ended at 4.30 PM. I took octopus balls at the station near the Panasonic building. The bullet train left Shin-Osaka station at 5:40 PM. I changed trains to Kofu. I arrived home at 10:30 PM. I was on a train most of my time today.

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Information meeting of the instrument

This afternoon, there was an information meeting to explain the specifications of the instrument. Several companies arrived. I was the one who explained the specifications we expect. There was no questions today. After the procedures, the company of delivery will be decided. I am busy these days and will stay in my office today.

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New instrument is coming

I have been interested in a Russian instrument for my new experiments. Luckily, we got a budget for an instrument with the same function. The exact company has not been decided; a couple of them are expected to give us presentations of their own. The Russian instrument has a probability, too, because the instrument possesses many unique experimental modes. Two professors and I checked a room for the installation. The room was OK for the expected experiments. The choice of the company (and the precise instrument) should be made in June. Tomorrow, I will explain the specifications for the instrument.

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Two business meetings in Tokyo

I left my apartment at 4 AM for my office in the institute. I checked my e-mails, finished working with some documents, and went to Kofu station by bike for two meetings scheduled to be held in Tokyo. Since Marunouchi line in Tokyo was not running till 9 AM, because of an electricity break down, I arrived at the first place in Shinjuku 20 minutes late. There, I carried out some experiments using the Russian instrument I am interested in. I explained the information I needed to Russian and Japanese operators of the instrument. Then they started the experiments. I was there with them and left the building at 2 AM. … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Tokyo Big Sight

I came back home at 7 AM. I took Maya-san out for a walk and went to sleep. Katya left home for her classes while I am in futon. I woke up at 9 AM, took trains, and went to Tokyo Big Sight, a large convention center. An instrumental and scientific exhibition, nano tech 2012, was held there. Many domestic and international companies participated and presented their new instruments. Very interesting! The Russian company I had found in another exhibition had a booth, too. I talked with a salesperson, who said that the business is going well in Japan. After leaving the exhibition site, I took trains to Akihabara to … Continue reading

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Buying a Russian instrument

The two business trips left me a lot of works to be done. So I worked today. One thing I am doing is preparing a document for purchasing a Russian instrument for the department; I happened to find this unique instrument and was applying for buying one. It was approved. It is an expensive instrument, and I need to do some preresearch, too. I hope to finish the document tomorrow.

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Internet Surfing

Today is Tuesday, when I have two classes to teach.  The one in the morning is for graduate students, and the other in the afternoon, for sophomores. At three o’clock, I had a meeting with company peoples about buying a new instrument.  At five o’clock, I talked with researchers about our new project based on the proposal. After dinner, I was writing a post for the blog, and Katya was netsurfing. Katya used to check about tennis tournaments.  She is a fan of Nadal, but since he is not playing well these days, Katya stopped searching about tennis, avoiding potential bad news about him.  Katya is now checking dachshund sites.

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Business trip to Tokyo

It was a beautiful day. I went to Shibuya, Tokyo, in the morning to visit the real estate agency to prepare the documents for the contract between me and the new tenant of my studio in Nakaochiai. From Shinjuku to Shibuya, I took a train.  In the stations, I noticed no foreigners; everybody was Asian, and I heard  neither Chinese nor Korean.  It was very unusual and weird in Tokyo.  Outside of Shibuya, I noticed very few foreigners, too. The young man in the office preparing the documents with me was from Minami Soma city, destroyed by tsunami and close to the power plant.  He said he took all his … Continue reading

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New Instrument / Document Preparation

A new instrument I had designed arrived on Jan. 12.  People from the company have been working on tuning it. The instrument is based on a new concept and is expected to give some new information. I am sorry not to be able to show you the photo because it is a sort of confidential. While they were working, I was preparing a document for a presentation scheduled on Jan. 28 for a project fully supported by the Japanese government.  I am involved in it, too.  It is a very important one. I also checked a manuscript prepared by a student. In the evening, I taught students English. It has … Continue reading

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Busy days continue

I am checking my student’s thesis. I have to review three papers. I need to write three papers. I have to order instruments I was supposed to. I have to prepare a presentation. I have to prepare for two conferences. I think this is it.  I will try my best.

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