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Presentation finished, successfully!

I stayed up all night in my office, preparing for the presentation in Tokyo scheduled today. 20-min presentation and 10-min Q&A is not long at all, but it should be counted far more seriously than the report I submitted the other day. At 7 AM, I went back home for a walk with Maya-san, while Katya was tired and sleeping with Mariya. Then I went back to the office. I made 25 copies of my PowerPoint presentation file, and left the institute at 11 AM for Kofu station. The presentation was scheduled at 3:40 PM, so leaving that early was not necessary, but I did not want to get to … Continue reading

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Document sent

Today is the day for sending preliminary results obtained in my scientific project, which started in October last year. I was working on it until 9:30 PM, then I sent it by e-mail. The document will be checked by the consultant of the project, after which I will revise and resubmit it by September 27. The interview is scheduled to be held at the end of November in front of 20 judges. Then, it will be decided whether the project continues. It is not easy. I will go to bed early; I need to wake up early to prepare the presentation tomorrow in Tokyo.

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Entrance examinations

It is Saturday today. There were the entrance exams to graduate school. I was there to help candidates during the paper exams, interview them, as well as to mark the papers. Everything ended at three o’clock. I walked home. Katya had opened the box of cherries.    They were of a high quality. Then I went back for a work. In the evening we had a light rain. This made the temperature low, which made a pleasant evening.

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Two interviews

From 10:30 AM, there was an interview of a Thai student graduating from a university in Kyoto. He did a good presentation. Hopefully, he will be working together with us from April. From 11:40 AM, there was another interview, this time of a Vietnamese student trying to study in our university for a PhD degree. He did not do well as expected, but he still has a chance to be accepted. Katya and I had lunch at New Mahal. Nans were served right after baked, and they were very good.

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Working day is Saturday

A PhD student of mine talked about his research from 8 AM in front of professors for his preparation for the dissertation. I think he did well. He will be graduating this coming March. At 9 AM, a monthly Saturday presentation by students started. Today’s was of the second-year master students. At 11 AM, another PhD students had a presentation. I went back home for lunch. From 1 PM, two researchers came for interviews.  At 3 PM, the last PhD student had his presentation. At 5 PM, I had a discussion with a professor about our joint research. At 7 PM, I left school. I brought home a present a professor gave … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the seminar

Today is Friday. I was talking on the phone with companies before the seminar starting on Monday. I was sending e-mails to participants. Right after the interview, I felt really tired, but now I feel fine. I think things are ready, but feel a bit worried. Anyway, for dinner, I had a piece of eel to cheer me up. Maya-san is on my lap. She seems to forget Katya, but I know she will be thrilled in a couple of days.

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Tiring days continue

I was thinking I would be less burdened after the interview. Well, the seminar is close and there came more and more things to be done. These days, I am in front of the computer, sending and reading and sending mails, and preparing more and more documents. People pay for the seminar, so the responsibility is large. We had a heavy rain yesterday, and it is cool and nice. The weather is one thing that is pleasant. During the evening, I was so tired and talk with Katya only a couple of minutes. I do not sleep well thinking about the seminar.

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interview over

I woke up at 3 PM and prepared for the interview today. I went to the office without Maya-san and started checking the PPT file. I practiced my talk again and modified it. I prepared 25 copies for my talk. At 9AM, I left my office to home, put a suit on, and left tor the interviewing site in Tokyo. From Yotsuya station in Tokyo, I took a taxi in case I lose myself. The presentation started at 1:45 PM. There were more than 20 judges. I talked about 10 min, and the judges asked me questions for about 15 min. I think my presentation was OK. From the judges … Continue reading

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interviews, cell phone, texas select

In the morning, we had interviews of the students for the entrance to the graduate school next spring.  It was a short interview: 15 minute each including presentations, questions, and answers. I think all the students did will; they should pass the exams. In the afternoon, Katya and I went to the au shop for a new cell phone. The new cell phone can be used outside Japan, or in Russia when she goes back. In the evening, Texas Select arrived. I made spaghetti and we had it with the non-alcoholic beer. After dinner, Katya and I watched “Sphere” with Maya-san.  It reminded me of “2001: A Space Odyssey” and … Continue reading

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Helping students for the company interviews

In Japan, everything ends in March and starts in April except for new years. This means that practically every student is graduated from school in March and starts working in April.  Therefore, in the last year of school, students need to look for a job as well as study for their graduation. Two of my students, one Ph.D and the other Master’s, are graduating next March, and they are looking for jobs.  Today, Saturday, I helped them with their interviews both coming on Tuesday. Getting a job is very difficult this year especially due to the earthquake.  Employments of many graduates were canceled, meaning they might loose one year.  I … Continue reading

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