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Jingisukan again on Typhoon Sunday

In the morning, Katya and I had breakfast at Jonathan’s. An extremely powerful typhoon, #17, is coming to Japan.  It is the biggest one in years. In the afternoon, it started raining. At around 6 PM, the typhoon arrived in Toba, Mie prefecture, where we stayed in July. We had a Jingisukan BBQ again for dinner.    Katya prepared a lot of vegetables this time. Last evening, Katya put four snails inside the sea-water fish tank. They look healthy. It is 9 PM, the wind got stronger.

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New Russian Instrument and Jingisukan BBQ Party

Technicians have been working on the installation of a new instrument for four days. It has finally been settled down. It is an instrument imported from Russia. I first knew the instrument in September 2010, and it finally arrived. The machine has a very unique function, and I hope it can be useful for our researches. In the evening, there was a Jingisukan BBQ party held by students in the garden of the institute. About 15 participants. It was a pity that the ex-student of mine, who sent us the meat, was busy and was not able to show himself. Anyway, we thankfully enjoy the meat.

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Jingisukan Dinner

I came back home a little bit earlier than usual for a Jingisukan evening as we had planned. I suggested to do some indoor BBQ, which was reasonably denied by Katya. So I cooked it in the kitchen, and brought it to the table. It tasted good, however, it could have been better if we had grilled it on the table. We finished one pack of meat. I cooked some extra vegetables. The ex-student gave us six packs, so we will enjoy it five times more. When I was cooking, a box arrived from my parents, who had traveled to Shikoku area.  They sent us a lot of vegetables as well … Continue reading

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Jingisukan arrives

An ex-student of mine sent us a box of Matsuo Jingisukan to our apartment.    The flat package was for the Jingisukan pan. The larger on for the Jingisukan meat. The box was chilled.    One bag is good for a dinner. We will open one on Friday.

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