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Business trip to Tamachi and Okubo in Tokyo

I took “Azusa” express train to Tamachi, Tokyo; I am a member of the journal committee of a scientific society. The meeting was held in Tamachi Campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology. We talked about the schedules of the journal and future plans. The meeting ended at 5 PM. Then I moved to Okubo to meet people in an apartment managing company; the managing ┬ácompany of an apartment in Myorenji does not seem to be working properly. I talked about how the present management goes and how much it costs. I am not sure whether I will propose to change the managing company, but I will keep thinking of this … Continue reading

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Day after the vacation

Busy. I checked e-mails. I finished a report on the forum in China, which will be published in a society journal. I was invited to a conference in Korea in August, but the abstract was not finished yet. And other things to be done.

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Retrying submission to the same journal

A paper, which I think has a very general importance, was rejected by a big journal. The comment was that the subject is too specific. lacking a broad interest. I do not agree. An American coworker in the same institute and I have been working on the paper; we decided to resubmit it to the same journal after the modification, explaining how important the manuscript is to the history of basic science. The professor is now in New Mexico for a conference, so we are communicating by e-mail.  

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Earthquake, Dohshinboh by mini, Submission of a paper

At about 7:40 AM, there was an earthquake. Although it was a Saturday morning, Katya woke up. Maya-san kept sleeping. I soon understood that the earthquake itself might not be a big one because the frequency of the shake was high. Even though, the vibration was rather large, meaning that the location of the earthquake might be close to Kofu. The quake stopped, and restarted twice. Katya check the news by her iPad.; the epicenter was near Kofu, close to Mt. Fuji. The magnitude was 5.5, so it was not a big earthquake. Then I went to school to work. At 1 PM, Katya and I met at the parking … Continue reading

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Preparing an important paper

I have been working on a scientific paper today. I obtained very important experimental results, and another professor simulated the results by computation. It has become a very beautiful paper. We decided to submit it to a famous, prestigious journal in that area. It is my first time to try the journal. Since the journal is of a high class, they (arrogantly) demand many details of the format. Therefore, I have been checking and modifying the paper. It is almost done. I will submit it tomorrow.

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Paper to be revised

After the PhD defenses and the following party last evening, I received an e-mail this morning. I had submitted a paper to a scientific journal, one of the coworkers of which is the PhD student. Two reviewers gave us comments in the e-mail. One of them favored our paper very much, who accepted to publish it with no change or modification. The other reviewer was interested in the results, but he proposed a completely difficult interpretation. We know that he is mistaken, so we will slightly modify the manuscript and send them a letter telling our points.

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