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Last tennis lesson in 2011

After the year-end cleaning of the institute, I feel as if my work this year had been somewhat over. On the other hand, there are things to be done before the holidays. So I worked during the day time. In the evening, Katya and I went to the last tennis class of the year at Kose Sports Park. There were three pupils and a coach. After the practice, we played doubles games. Katya and I vs. Coach and a girl. We lost. Katya was so upset; she cannot stand losing. We decided to play between us on the 29th. We will see who wins. I hope Katya will not be … Continue reading

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Plans on Christmas and New Year’s Days

Katya and I are talking about holiday plans. On December 23, we will play tennis. On (Catholic) Christmas Eve, we will go to Sakuraza for a concert (tickets already reserved). On (Catholic) Christmas, we will stay calm. On New Year’s Eve, we will go to Karuizawa and stay at Mampei Hotel. We welcomed New Year in the bar last year, and this year, we will stay in the hotel. On New Year’s Day, we will stay in XIV Karuizawa as we did this year. We will exchange presents as Russians do. Then we will celebrate New Year at my parents’. Hopefully, we will be able to sky at Hakuba area. I will … Continue reading

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Second Ski in 2011

We had breakfast in the lounge and left the hotel for skiing again. It was a sunny day, a very good day for skiing.  We enjoyed it, although there were so many people. Katya started skiing in Japan and is now good at it.  She is fond of sports.  We play tennis, ski, and go snorkeling together; it is lucky for us to be able to share time together. We went to Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza again.  Katya bought a pair of Adidas gloves. We bought a sealed lucky bag in a Swatch shop and got a pair of swatch.  We are wearing them now. We went back to the … Continue reading

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First Ski in 2011

We left Karuizawa Mura Hotel at 10 PM. We dropped by XIV Karuizawa, where we were going to stay this evening. We left one of our luggages in the hotel and had breakfast in the lounge. We often stay at XIV hotels enjoying their reasonable services. We drove for one and a half hour for skiing to Kusatsu Spa and Ski Area. We first went there last winter and liked it. On the way, we had a good view of Mount Asama, a volcano. The quality of snow was good for this season of the start of the year. It started snowing. After the ski, we went shopping at Karuizawa … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve and New Year, 2011

In Karuizawa Mura Hotel, we took a nap. We woke up. Katya talked with her family using Skype. With a taxi, we went to down town.  The city was so deserted, and we were disappointed. Near Karuizawa station, we found a Korean BBQ restaurant, ITADORI, suitable to celebrate the end of the year. We took Sake. “Very Spicy Soup”  was not that spicy but tasted good. BBQing started. Beef stew was delicious. We got full!  We moved to Mampei Hotel, an oldest Western-type hotel in Japan, established in 1884.  I knew the history and I wanted to visit. Not to stay but to celebrate a New Year in their old … Continue reading

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Back to Holidays

I worked all night with Maya-san till morning. Katya drove me and Maya-san to Shimosuwa.  We had a walk around Lake Suwa. Maya-san stays with my parents.  Katya and I arrived at Karuizawa Mura Hotel. We are going out to town in the evening.  We will stay in Karuizawa for a couple of days.

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I noticed the existence of “a motor bike with pedals” first time in my life in a French movie, “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain“.  Many people like the movie; for me, the movie was not that fascinating (I did not like the camera angles), but I liked the motor bike, which I thought had been annihilated.  I found the motor bike is called “moped”. We used to make a lot of mopeds in Japan, too, but they are not manufactured any more. When I arrived in Kofu four years ago, I saw one moped in a Vespa shop.  The moped, Piaggio Ciao,  looked very nice, and I bought it.  It … Continue reading

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Winter plans

Holiday season is coming.  We have made up some plans. Dec. 11    Go to another Jazz concert held in a smaller concert hall in Kofu.  Kawashima will come again with our favorate pianist (check how he plays).  I reserved seats. Dec. 12   Have fun outside of Kofu. Dec. 25  Stay in Tateshina, Nagano. Go skiing for the first time this winter. Dec. 31 – Jan. 3  Stay in Karuizawa, Nagano.  Go skiing, eat good food, stay up late. Jan. 7  Celebrate Russian Christmas. Feb. 19  Stay in Tateshina and celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Wish us luck.

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