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Waterfalls breathed out by dragon

We went to Kiyosato today. Reckless Maya-san looking down from a bridge. “Doryu no Taki” or “Doryu Waterfall” is the one we like.   Since Maya-san’s leg was a bit weak today, we did not go up for a hiking.  It would have been wonderful up there. We drove to “Kiyosato no mori“.  Katya took many pictures. Maya-san did her job. For dinner, Katya and I used a 19% discount coupon at “Tokube”. Then we played tennis for one hour in “Yamanashi Youth Center“. It was a busy weekend again.  Tomorrow, I leave for Nagoya for a business trip.

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Katya’s new weapon not fired

In the morning, we went to Kiyosato no Mori to play tennis.  Maya-san was with us.  Katya was looking forward to trying her new racket.  It was rainy and foggy in the mountain.  No way. We came down to Oka no Koen.  The rain got weaker, but the hard court was still too wet. We drove further down to a private tennis court.  It was not rainy, but the clay courts were not available because of the rain till morning, while the indoor tennis court costs 6,300 yen per hour.  No way. We made a telephone call to a tennis club we know of, and an indoor court cost 5,250 … Continue reading

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beautiful morning and rainy evening

Beautiful autumn morning!  Maya-san went out to a veranda, and took a morning sunbath. After breakfast, we decided to go to Kiyosato for Maya-san’s hole-digging.  Maya-san is an athlete, and she used to run a lot.  Now she is not allowed to run because of her weak hind legs, so hole-digging is her adequate exercise now, as far as we think; she uses only her front legs and her mouth. Kiyosato was developed as a new resort area.  When the economy was good in Japan, many people visited.  Now it is sort of deserted, but I think the place still has a potential to be popular again.  It is rather … Continue reading

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Hole Digging in Kiyosato

On Sunday morning, Katya worked on translation, and I,  in the garden.  In the afternoon, we drove out and had a late lunch in “Kiyosato no Mori“, a park in the Kiyosato resort area.  It took an hour from our apartment.  We had salad and shared a plate of Okonomiyaki. We took Maya-san, too; she is an expert in hole-digging and never fails to make good, deep holes in the playing field of this park. We peeled her off the ground in spite of her disagreement, and moved to another park, “Oka no Koen“.  Katya and I played tennis, and Maya-san judged games.  After tennis, we took Onsen, a natural … Continue reading

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