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Japan beats Spain

At midnight, I started watching an Olympic soccer game: Japan vs. Spain, prior to the opening ceremony. Japan is ranked #20 while Spain #1. I was not expecting anything. From a corner kick, Japan happened to get a goal. Moreover, Spain lost a player because of a serious foul. I thought I would keep watching until Japan loses a few goals. However, the Japanese players played  well and they won! I was in fact more surprised than happy, and I soon went to sleep. In the morning, I watched TV news. I realized it was a big win for them. Then I went to school. It was a hot day … Continue reading

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Saving energy this summer

It was raining in the early morning, but it stopped. In the evening, I was able to play tennis in Kose Sports Park. There were two men and three women in the class. Being in the rainy season, the air was very humid. It is a cool summer so far. We have not used an air conditioner yet. When it gets a bit warm, we use electric fans. Katya bought bottles of air-conditioner cleaners. The cleaner will not only clean the air out, but will save the energy.

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Maya-san’s frustration

After work, I went to a tennis class in Kose Sports Park. There were two men and three women joining the lesson. First we practiced strokes, next volley, then service, and finally games. It was a good exercise. After coming back home, Katya told me about Maya-san. Maya-san is so eager to go out to the veranda these days. Today, she barked there, then Katya found out that cats come in to the backyard.  Maya-san wanted to see them and fight them. After Maya-san was scolded by Katya, she stopped barking; she simply gazed at cats. Maya-san must have felt frustrated. Even though, she cannot but go out and wait … Continue reading

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Hottest day in Kofu this summer

As I wrote yesterday, summer seems to be mild this year. Summer, however, has come anyway; the temperature raised up to 30 degree C today in Kofu. I used an electric fans in the office. We are trying to save energy again this summer. The governments is repromoting “Super Cool Biz“.  Japanese business outfits did change in a casual direction last year. It should be continuing this year, too. I like casualty, but am sort of against the government’s telling what to wear. In the evening, I went to a tennis lesson alone after half a year to Kose Sports Park. The temperature got lowered in the evening. The lesson was … Continue reading

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