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Friend arrives from Kumamoto

It was a beautiful day. Dogwood was beautiful in the garden of the institute. Dogwoods were sent to Japan from Washington D.C. in1915 after the present of cherry trees from Tokyo in 1912. Dogwoods are now seen all over Japan. In Kofu, they are beautiful in this season of the year. In the evening an ex-colleague of mine came to Kofu from Kumamoto to celebrate the tomorrow’s wedding of my ex-student/present colleague. The ex-colleague from Kumamoto, the other ex-student/present colleague, and I had dinner together at Ohajiki, a well-known chicken restaurant in Kofu. The entrance is very small; you must bend yourself down to get in.    The chickens are of Yamanashi … Continue reading

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Wedding day in Kumamoto

After I got up, I took breakfast in Toyoko Inn; the breakfast is included. I think Toyoko Inn is a reasonable hotel chain in Japan. The rooms are small but clean, taken care of, and well-equipped. The breakfast is fair for Japanese people (if you do not eat Japanese food, you need to go with bread and coffee, much less tasty). It was rainy. I took a taxi to the wedding-ceremony hall. I got there at 10 AM. I met my old friends, ex-students, and professors. We were brought to the lounge, where we took drinks.    We waited for the wedding to start, talking over a drink. Before 11 … Continue reading

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Kumamoto for my friend’s wedding

My ex-colleague living in Kumamoto is getting married. Katya was not invited to the wedding; it is common in Japan. Katya was a little upset, but I could do nothing about it. Katya took me to Kofu Station with Maya-san. I left Kofu by train. From Hamanatsu-cho in Tokyo, I took a monorail to Haneda Airport. In the airplane, my seat was assigned by the wing.  It was rainy; in the plane, we were told that the plane might not arrive in Kumamoto because of the weather. In the plane, the sky naturally looked clear. The plane was fairly clouded, but I was able to use two seats. The plane … Continue reading

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