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Business trip to Yokohama and Tokyo

In the morning, I went to Myorenji in Yokohama to check the apartment building. The building was well taken care of. I had a talk with a guy from the managing company about the care in the future. I was to see a professor in Keio University in Hiyoshi. Before the meeting, I went to Motosumiyoshi, where I had lived for two years. It is an old town. The road was neatly changed, but the streets and stores looked still old. After having lunch in Motosumiyoshi, I went to the laboratory in Keio Univeristy to discuss my project with a professor until 2 PM. Then I took trains to Honancho to … Continue reading

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Working in a laboratory in Keihanna

From the window of the room in Keihanna Plaza Hotel, only a parking lot was seen. I had breakfast on the first floor.  Then I left the hotel.    I walked to Shimadzu laboratory. Keihanna is a new city from the late 20th, so the streets were new, too.    In the laboratory, the student and I worked all day. After coming back to the hotel, I bought a dinner for the student in a French restaurant “la Saine” on the second floor. The dishes were not expensive, but the tastes were real.

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Instrument Installation

With Shimadzu guys, we have been working for installing the new instrument into the laboratory. We are using lasers, and the optical system emits fluorescence.  The signals we want, therefore, are hindered. With using optical filters we were trying to get rid of the fluorescence light. We were working till 8 PM. The light was found to be from lenses, joints, and optical cables, so it is difficult to take it off. We will try another method next week.  

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Preparation for the earthquake

At 6 PM, all the teaching staffs got together in a room to discuss about the laboratory improvement against the earthquake.  Two professors had checked all the rooms and suggested how the rooms could be changed, such as nailing the bookshelf on the wall. We were not too much concerned about the earthquake, but a big quake has been predicted in the Tokai area.  The earthquake in the north-eastern area reminded us of the future quake. We talked about an earthquake drill in the institute, too. So, I came back home at 9 PM this evening.

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Dinner with Illinois Professor

There were another rehearsals for the graduation presentation of 12 senior students.  Presentation is 7 min for each, but we were with them from 8:30 to 17:30.  We will carry out the second turn of rehearsals tomorrow. In the evening, I went to Kofu station to pick up a professor from Illinois, USA, in whose laboratory, I passed my sabbatical for one year.  I see him once in a while at conferences. I took him to Konaya Hotel near Kofu station. We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant in the hotel over a bottle of Yamanashi wine.  We talked a lot. He will give us a lecture tomorrow.

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Busy days before holidays

Many things must be done before the winter holidays.  I finished my dinner, and now it is 9 PM.  I will take a rest and will go back to the lab. I overslept!  It is already 5 AM, and I started working. It is 8 AM now.  I sent a massage to Katya saying good morning.

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Business trip to NEC in Tsukuba

I went to Tsukuba on  a business trip. We stopped at Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi Station to visit the Nanoelectronic Laboratory of NEC. A researcher in NEC and I used to work in the same laboratory in University of Illinois, although not at the same time.  We got to know each other by the introduction of the professor of the lab and have known each other for five years.  Besides, an ex-student of mine is working with him. We talked about our new research collaboration possibly starting next April.  It will be fun. It was a short one-day trip. After coming back home, I found a cactus, Katya bought. Candle is … Continue reading

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