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Mariya’s baby car and baby seat

We bought a baby car for Mariya, which arrived yesterday. It is rainy today, so we used it inside the apartment. Katya was asleep, while I was watching Mariya. Maya-san was sleeping on a legless chair by me. In the evening, we went to Toys”R”Us. Mariya came with us on a baby seat a colleague of mine had given us. ┬áIt was Mariya’s first trial of the seat. Mariya accepted the chair. Katya was shopping in Toy”R”Us, and Mariya and I stayed in the car. With a baby chair and a baby seat, our activity areas are now elongated.

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Maya-san and Snails

Whenever I leave my legless chair, Maya-san comes quickly on the chair. I have to use a different one. The snails in the sea-water tank are fine. I am working before the conference in Hawaii.

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How Maya-san sleeps on a legless chair

Maya-san likes to sleep on a legless chair. She makes her body round, leaning herself deep in the chair.

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