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Resort Outlets Yatsugatake

All of us went to “Resort Outlet Yatsugatake“. It was cloudy today, and there were not so many people.    Maya-san had some fun in the dog run. Then we had lunch at an Italian restaurant “Lo Scoiattolo“. Dishes were good as usual for the price.        Mariya and Maya-san were waiting by us.    I had a slight cold and my eye hurt because of a lens, so I stayed in the car with Maya-san while Katya was shopping with Mariya. It started raining. Katya drove us home. For dinner, I cooked Szechuan Sesame Hot Noodles. After dinner, I started cooking Chinese roast pork using a pressure cooker. The pork … Continue reading

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Sunday in Yatsugatake

In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to “Resort Outlets Yatsugatake“.    We went to our favorite Italian restaurant, “Lo Scoiattolo” for lunch. The meals were good as usual. When I was trying to take pictures, I found out that the batteries were dead. Anyway, it was good lunch. I bought a pair of shoes and Katya two T-shirts. At St. Cousiers, we bought a bottle of wine,  sausages, pasta sauce, salsa, and steak sauce. On the way back, we stopped by a vegetable shop, “Oishii Ichiba“, to buy a bottle of perilla juice, cherries, dried apples, and very rich puddings. We had light supper with some of those … Continue reading

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