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Resort Outlets Yatsugatake

All of us went to “Resort Outlet Yatsugatake“. It was cloudy today, and there were not so many people.    Maya-san had some fun in the dog run. Then we had lunch at an Italian restaurant “Lo Scoiattolo“. Dishes were good as usual for the price.        Mariya and Maya-san were waiting by us.    I had a slight cold and my eye hurt because of a lens, so I stayed in the car with Maya-san while Katya was shopping with Mariya. It started raining. Katya drove us home. For dinner, I cooked Szechuan Sesame Hot Noodles. After dinner, I started cooking Chinese roast pork using a pressure cooker. The pork … Continue reading

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Dohshinboh survives

This afternoon  for lunch, Katya and I visited our favorite Chinese restaurant, “Dohshinboh“. Outside of the restaurant, we were surprised to see several cars in the parking lot. There should be some customers other than us today. Four tables were occupied. It was the first time for us to see so “many” customers. It seems that the place is getting to be known. Two Chinese waitresses were not seen; instead, one waiter and two cooks were there. We had good lunch as usual.    We will keep going to Dohshinboh.

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Doshinboh, Gusto, Robber, Stepford Wives

It was still rainy in the afternoon. Katya and I went to Doshinboh for a Saturday lunch. In front of the restaurant outside in the parking area, an advertising board was renewed.  Menus were changed, and the prices became cheaper. I was a bit worried because this may mean the restaurant is not going well. All combos have become cheaper by 10%.       Foods were good, but there were only two couples in the restaurant. One of the two waitresses seemed to be left. I wish the best to Doshinboh. We went to Gusto for dinner.    When we came back home, we found a robbery! Maya-san the burgler put her … Continue reading

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Arriving in Boston

In the plane from Narita, I slept; luckily, they did not have an on-demand video system on board. I arrived first in Detroit.  I took lunch there.    Then I took a tram to the South Terminal in the airport. I took a plane to Boston from the terminal. I slept in the plane, too. After arriving in Boston, I took a taxi to the hotel, Westin Boston Waterfront, where the conference will be held. The room was old but clean.    In the bath room, there is only a shower with no bath tab. I wish there were a bath tab only for today. After taking a shower, I … Continue reading

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