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Showa Day: April 29, 2013

Today was Showa Day, a holiday. Everybody got on the car. First, we went to Nishimatsu Ya, a baby-goods shop.    We went there to buy a shade for a baby carriage. Then we dropped by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee for me.   Then we went back home. After a quick lunch, all of us got on Smart again to Midorigaoka Sports Park.    We started a walk.      Katya pushed the carriage and I was taking Maya-san with me.  After some while, we switched. We placed Mariya in a chair again to go back home. For dinner, I went to Manpuru Roh again. Today’s dishes were … Continue reading

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New printer arrives

In the evening, I went to Midorigaoka Sports Park to join the evening tennis lesson. I arrived early. Kids were taking a lesson. It was fun to watch them play. My lesson was not funny. It was hot and humid. The T-shirt I wore got so wet. It was a good exercise, though. After arriving home, I found a new printer arriving. An old Sony printer (Sony does not sell printers anymore) is broken and I ordered an HP3070A.    The color printer is wireless with functions of a scanner and photocopier. It is a little big, but I think it helps us.

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Evening Tennis

It was a hot day, too. The highest temperature was (only) 33 degree C, but I felt it as hot as yesterday, especially after I rode a bicycle back home for lunch. Katya was surprised to see how my shirt got wet after a 10-min ride. Katya hates heat in Japan. She is so looking forward to her return back to Vladivostok at the end of this month. In the evening, I joined a tennis class held in Midorigaoka Sports Park.  It was hot, but it was very nice moving my body after desk works.  After returning home by mini, Katya was surprised again to see my soaked T-shirt because … Continue reading

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Curry done

I joined a tennis lesson this evening in Midorigaoka Sports Park. It rained once in a while, but we were somehow able to continue and finish the lesson. I came back home and started cooking curry again. I added tomato, chicken, some wine, spices, etc to the onion paste. It is almost done. I hope the quantity is OK for ten people tomorrow.

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Cherry Blossoms and House. M.D. Season 6

After a late taco lunch, Katya and I took Maya-san to Midorigaoka Sports Park. On Takeda street, cherry blossoms were in full bloom. In Midorigaoka Sports Park, the blossoms were beautiful, too.    In the evening, Katya and I unintentionally watched House M.D., which started this spring in Japan. We once lost our interest when less attractive actors joined the team. Then House himself became losing his controls in perceiving the reality. Season 6 started with House in a psychiatric hospital. He was acting in his selfish ways as usual, and we thought it would be boring. However, House became accepting his weakness and agreed to accept the treatments. We got attracted by the drama. … Continue reading

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Culture Day, 2011

It was Culture Day, a holiday. Katya went to a bazaar held by an English school. She helped with serving dishes of curry to the visitors from 11 AM to 1 PM. Then she came back home. Katya and I went to Gusto for lunch. I went to D2, a DIY shop,  to buy small pedestals and a food for Maya-san. Meanwhile, Katya was taking Maya-san out for a walk. In the early evening, Katya went out for teaching for an hour. After she came back home, we went to play tennis in Midorigaoka Sports Park. There were only two of us.    It was a good exercise. On the … Continue reading

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Evening Tennis on Friday

It is a rainy season in Japan. For the tennis lesson this evening, the clay courts in Midorigaoka Sports Park could not be used because of the rain yesterday. So we went to Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Center. Katya had an evening English class near the court, so she went there by smart directly from the class.  I took mini myself from the institute. I arrived late by 5 minutes. There were only four students.  So we had an intensive lesson. Katya ran so much that she was apparently exhausted.  Even though, she played hard for the games.  But after one hour, she was over.  She later told me she was … Continue reading

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Tennis Class on Wednesday Evening

The rain made us enable to play tennis last week.  So we decided to join GTK Tennis School twice this week. After Katya finished her English class, she came to the institute to pick me up.  Then we went to Midorigaoka Sports Park. There were 10 students today.  A large class because of the rain last week. It has been a while since we played last.  My backhand strokes became really bad. Katya became very good at tennis.  She runs very fast, and that is her biggest advantage.

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Nishizawa Valley

In the afternoon, Katya drove Maya-san and me to Nishizawa Valley near Kofu by smart. When we left our apartment, it started raining, but still very lightly. When we got to the valley, the rain became heavier. It rained harder and harder. It could have been the heaviest rain this year. Unfortunately, right from the entrance, we had to go back to our apartment. After coming back to our apartment, the rain got weaker and eventually stopped. We took some rest and went to the TSUTAYA video shop to rent DVD’s. I rent”Falling in Love” and “On the Beach“.  I bought a tennis magazine, “Smash“, too. On the way back … Continue reading

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First day of tennis school

We wanted to practice tennis at a tennis school. We once tried EST tennis school, which Katya did not like. This evening, we tried GTK tennis school in Kofu.  It is sort of a virtual school; they do not have their own tennis courts but use public tennis courts around Kofu for lessons.  Today, the class was held in Midorigaoka Sports Park. Lesson started at 7:30 PM.  Katya had taught an English class till 7 PM, so she dashed to my office to pick me up.  We managed to join the lesson exactly at 7:30 PM. There were only 6 students including Katya and me; 4 girls, one boy, and … Continue reading

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