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Thursday, May 5, 2011 in Kofu

Today is Children’s Day, a national holiday. We woke up late.  After taking Maya-san out, Katya and I went to Gusto for breakfast. Then we had a long walk in the mountain. We went to Tokube for late lunch. It is Thursday, supposed to be Tuna Day in Tokube.  Unfortunately, we found they do not have Tuna Day on holidays.  Anyway, we used a 19% discount coupon. We played evening tennis from 7 to 9 PM in Midorigaoka Sports Park.  They have clay courts, which Katya likes. We were the only ones who played this evening. Our holidays are over.  I will work again on my proposal, and Katya will … Continue reading

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Maya-san’s Rabies Vaccination

All Japanese dogs must take a rabies  vaccination once a year. Today, Maya-san went to Midorigaoka Sports Park with Katya.  According to Katya, Maya-san was more interested in fighting against other dogs in the park than the injection; she could be sometimes very aggressive.  Therefore, the doctor was able to give her an injection without being noticed. After the injection, they give dogs a small plate showing that they have been vaccinated.  We put the plate on Maya-san’s collar. The plate has a number, which can be used for an ID, too.

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Cherry blossoms and Welcome party

Cherry trees are planted on Takeda Dori street, which leads to Takeda Shrine.  In the morning, I took pictures. Katya took one in the afternoon. She took another one in Midorigaoka Sports Park. In the evening, we had a welcome party for the newcomers to the institute.  More than 100 people got together.

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